Commit 3ae888e8 authored by David J. MacKenzie's avatar David J. MacKenzie
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Formerly INSTALL.~32~

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......@@ -473,7 +473,7 @@ Strictly speaking, not all of the executables in `./lib-src' need be copied.
and `yow' are used by Emacs; they do need to be copied.
- The programs `etags', `ctags', `emacsclient', `b2m', and `rcs-checkin'
are intended to be run by users; they are handled below.
- The programs `make-docfile', `make-path', and `test-distrib' were
- The programs `make-docfile' and `test-distrib' were
used in building Emacs, and are not needed any more.
- The programs `digest-doc' and `sorted-doc' convert a `DOC' file into
a file for users to read. There is no important reason to move them.
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