Commit 3af2917c authored by Ivan Shmakov's avatar Ivan Shmakov Committed by Kelvin White
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Do not reset input ring if one exists

Fixes: debbugs:18599
parent 5f8947c7
2014-10-02 Kelvin White <>
* erc-ring.el (erc-input-ring-setup): Fixes Bug #18599
2014-09-30 Stefan Monnier <>
* erc-track.el (erc-modified-channels-display): Update all mode lines
......@@ -67,7 +67,8 @@ variable.")
(defun erc-input-ring-setup ()
"Do the setup required so that we can use comint style input rings.
Call this function when setting up the mode."
(setq erc-input-ring (make-ring comint-input-ring-size))
(unless (ring-p erc-input-ring)
(setq erc-input-ring (make-ring comint-input-ring-size)))
(setq erc-input-ring-index nil))
(defun erc-add-to-input-ring (s)
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