Commit 3af6909f authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii

Fix the MS-Windows build

* nt/inc/sys/time.h (gettimeofday):
* src/w32.c (gettimeofday): Adjust signature to match Gnulib.
parent 4132bd74
......@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ struct timezone
which does not force the use of -std= switch to GCC, and that
causes compilation errors with 'restrict', which is a C99
extension. */
int gettimeofday (struct timeval *__restrict, struct timezone *__restrict);
int gettimeofday (struct timeval *__restrict, void *__restrict);
#define ITIMER_REAL 0
#define ITIMER_PROF 1
......@@ -2982,7 +2982,7 @@ emacs_root_dir (void)
/* Emulate gettimeofday (Ulrich Leodolter, 1/11/95). */
gettimeofday (struct timeval *__restrict tv, struct timezone *__restrict tz)
gettimeofday (struct timeval *__restrict tv, void *__restrict tzv)
struct _timeb tb;
_ftime (&tb);
......@@ -2995,8 +2995,10 @@ gettimeofday (struct timeval *__restrict tv, struct timezone *__restrict tz)
GetTimeZoneInformation, but that doesn't seem necessary, since
Emacs always calls gettimeofday with the 2nd argument NULL (see
current_emacs_time). */
if (tz)
if (tzv)
struct timezone *tz = (struct timezone *)tzv;
tz->tz_minuteswest = tb.timezone; /* minutes west of Greenwich */
tz->tz_dsttime = tb.dstflag; /* type of dst correction */
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