Commit 3afe33e7 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman

(x_wm_set_size_hint): Swap southeast and northwest.

(XTupdate_end): No need to test updating_frame.

(construct_mouse_click): New function, in #ifdef USE_X_TOOLKIT.
(process_expose_from_menu): Likewise.
(XTread_socket, x_set_offset, x_set_window_size): Handle USE_X_TOOLKIT.
(x_raise_frame, x_lower_frame, x_make_frame_visible): Likewise.
(x_iconify_frame, x_destroy_window, x_wm_set_window_state): Likewise.
(x_term_init): Likewise.

(x_term_init): Pass argv, argc to XtAppInitialize with the display_name value.

Include syssignal.h.

The following belongs in a previous version's log entry:

(XTread_socket): temp_buffer and temp_index deleted.
Put all vendor-specific keys into the buffer.
(x_is_vendor_fkey): Function deleted.
(XTread_socket): Don't call it.
parent 9ef48a9d
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