Commit 3b06f880 authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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Include charset.h.

(Fget_buffer_create): Allocate an extra byte for a buffer, and
make it always 0 for anchoring.
(reset_buffer): Handle a new member `enable_multibyte_characters'
in the struct buffer.
(fix_overlay_before): New function.
(init_buffer_once): Handle new members in the struct buffer.
(syms_of_buffer): Declare new buffer local variables
`enable-multibyte-characters' and `direction-reserved'.
parent 38a1965a
......@@ -35,6 +35,7 @@ Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA. */
#include "window.h"
#include "commands.h"
#include "buffer.h"
#include "charset.h"
#include "region-cache.h"
#include "indent.h"
#include "blockinput.h"
......@@ -302,7 +303,9 @@ The value is never nil.")
BUF_GAP_SIZE (b) = 20;
/* We allocate extra 1-byte at the tail and keep it always '\0' for
anchoring a search. */
if (! BUF_BEG_ADDR (b))
buffer_memory_full ();
......@@ -316,6 +319,7 @@ The value is never nil.")
*(BUF_GPT_ADDR (b)) = *(BUF_Z_ADDR (b)) = 0; /* Put an anchor '\0'. */
b->newline_cache = 0;
b->width_run_cache = 0;
......@@ -472,6 +476,7 @@ reset_buffer (b)
b->mark_active = Qnil;
b->point_before_scroll = Qnil;
b->file_format = Qnil;
b->enable_multibyte_characters = Qt;
b->last_selected_window = Qnil;
b->extra2 = Qnil;
b->extra3 = Qnil;
......@@ -2514,6 +2519,81 @@ fix_overlays_in_range (start, end)
recenter_overlay_lists (current_buffer,
XINT (current_buffer->overlay_center));
/* We have two types of overlay: the one whose ending marker is
after-insertion-marker (this is the usual case) and the one whose
ending marker is before-insertion-marker. When `overlays_before'
contains overlays of the latter type and the former type in this
order and both overlays end at inserting position, inserting a text
increases only the ending marker of the latter type, which results
in incorrect ordering of `overlays_before'.
This function fixes ordering of overlays in the slot
`overlays_before' of the buffer *BP. Before the insertion, `point'
was at PREV, and now is at POS. */
fix_overlays_before (bp, prev, pos)
struct buffer *bp;
int prev, pos;
Lisp_Object *tailp = &bp->overlays_before;
Lisp_Object *right_place;
int end;
/* After the insertion, the several overlays may be in incorrect
order. The possibility is that, in the list `overlays_before',
an overlay which ends at POS appears after an overlay which ends
at PREV. Since POS is greater than PREV, we must fix the
ordering of these overlays, by moving overlays ends at POS before
the overlays ends at PREV. */
/* At first, find a place where disordered overlays should be linked
in. It is where an overlay which end before POS exists. (i.e. an
overlay whose ending marker is after-insertion-marker if disorder
exists). */
while (!NILP (*tailp)
&& ((end = OVERLAY_POSITION (OVERLAY_END (XCONS (*tailp)->car)))
>= pos))
tailp = &XCONS (*tailp)->cdr;
/* If we don't find such an overlay,
or the found one ends before PREV,
or the found one is the last one in the list,
we don't have to fix anything. */
if (NILP (*tailp)
|| end < prev
|| NILP (XCONS (*tailp)->cdr))
right_place = tailp;
tailp = &XCONS (*tailp)->cdr;
/* Now, end position of overlays in the list *TAILP should be before
or equal to PREV. In the loop, an overlay which ends at POS is
moved ahead to the place pointed by RIGHT_PLACE. If we found an
overlay which ends before PREV, the remaining overlays are in
correct order. */
while (!NILP (*tailp))
if (end == pos)
{ /* This overlay is disordered. */
Lisp_Object found = *tailp;
/* Unlink the found overlay. */
*tailp = XCONS (found)->cdr;
/* Move an overlay at RIGHT_PLACE to the next of the found one. */
XCONS (found)->cdr = *right_place;
/* Link it into the right place. */
*right_place = found;
else if (end == prev)
tailp = &XCONS (*tailp)->cdr;
else /* No more disordered overlay. */
DEFUN ("overlayp", Foverlayp, Soverlayp, 1, 1, 0,
"Return t if OBJECT is an overlay.")
......@@ -3432,6 +3512,7 @@ init_buffer_once ()
XSETFASTINT (buffer_defaults.tab_width, 8);
buffer_defaults.truncate_lines = Qnil;
buffer_defaults.ctl_arrow = Qt;
buffer_defaults.direction_reversed = Qnil;
#ifdef DOS_NT
buffer_defaults.buffer_file_type = Qnil; /* TEXT */
......@@ -3465,6 +3546,7 @@ init_buffer_once ()
XSETINT (buffer_local_flags.file_truename, -1);
XSETINT (buffer_local_flags.invisibility_spec, -1);
XSETINT (buffer_local_flags.file_format, -1);
XSETINT (buffer_local_flags.enable_multibyte_characters, -1);
XSETFASTINT (buffer_local_flags.mode_line_format, 1);
XSETFASTINT (buffer_local_flags.abbrev_mode, 2);
......@@ -3489,6 +3571,8 @@ init_buffer_once ()
XSETFASTINT (buffer_local_flags.syntax_table, 0x8000);
XSETFASTINT (buffer_local_flags.cache_long_line_scans, 0x10000);
XSETFASTINT (buffer_local_flags.category_table, 0x20000);
XSETFASTINT (buffer_local_flags.direction_reversed, 0x40000);
Vbuffer_alist = Qnil;
current_buffer = 0;
......@@ -3629,6 +3713,11 @@ This is the same as (default-value 'abbrev-mode).");
"Default value of `ctl-arrow' for buffers that do not override it.\n\
This is the same as (default-value 'ctl-arrow).");
DEFVAR_LISP_NOPRO ("default-direction-reversed",
"Default value of `direction_reversed' for buffers that do not override it.\n\
This is the same as (default-value 'direction-reversed).");
DEFVAR_LISP_NOPRO ("default-truncate-lines",
"Default value of `truncate-lines' for buffers that do not override it.\n\
......@@ -3746,6 +3835,16 @@ Automatically becomes buffer-local when set in any fashion.\n\
This variable does not apply to characters whose display is specified\n\
in the current display table (if there is one).");
DEFVAR_PER_BUFFER ("enable-multibyte-characters",
&current_buffer->enable_multibyte_characters, Qnil,
"Non-nil means the buffer contents are regarded as multi-byte form\n\
of characters, not a binary code. This affects the display, file I/O,\n\
and behaviors of various editing commands.");
DEFVAR_PER_BUFFER ("direction-reversed", &current_buffer->direction_reversed,
"*Non-nil means lines in the buffer are displayed right to left.");
DEFVAR_PER_BUFFER ("truncate-lines", &current_buffer->truncate_lines, Qnil,
"*Non-nil means do not display continuation lines;\n\
give each line of text one screen line.\n\
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