Commit 3b36b387 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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Merge from origin/emacs-27

59e768d6 Fix undefined behavior in json.c (Bug#42113)
cce00bef Fix ACTION argument of 'display-buffer' call in gud.el
0121db27 * src/keyboard.c (Fclear_this_command_keys): Doc fix.
b9abf5ce Improve do string of 'man'
b87fc938 ; * src/xdisp.c (pos_visible_p): Yet another minor fix for...
parents 6b80ff3c 59e768d6
......@@ -996,7 +996,11 @@ An \"apropos\" query with -k gives a buffer of matching page
names or descriptions. The pattern argument is usually an
\"grep -E\" style regexp.
-k pattern"
-k pattern
Note that in some cases you will need to use \\[quoted-insert] to quote the
SPC character in the above examples, because this command attempts
to auto-complete your input based on the installed manual pages."
(list (let* ((default-entry (Man-default-man-entry))
......@@ -2620,9 +2620,9 @@ comint mode, which see."
(get-buffer-create (concat "*gud" filepart "*"))
display-buffer-same-window display-buffer-pop-up-window)))
display-buffer-same-window display-buffer-pop-up-window))))
(when (and existing-buffer (get-buffer-process existing-buffer))
(error "This program is already being debugged"))
;; Set the dir, in case the buffer already existed with a different dir.
......@@ -365,6 +365,7 @@ lisp_to_json_toplevel_1 (Lisp_Object lisp,
Lisp_Object key = HASH_KEY (h, i);
if (!EQ (key, Qunbound))
Lisp_Object ekey = json_encode (key);
/* We can't specify the length, so the string must be
NUL-terminated. */
......@@ -975,6 +976,7 @@ usage: (json-parse-string STRING &rest ARGS) */)
Lisp_Object string = args[0];
CHECK_STRING (string);
Lisp_Object encoded = json_encode (string);
check_string_without_embedded_nuls (encoded);
struct json_configuration conf =
......@@ -10531,7 +10531,7 @@ The value is always a vector. */)
DEFUN ("clear-this-command-keys", Fclear_this_command_keys,
Sclear_this_command_keys, 0, 1, 0,
doc: /* Clear out the vector that `this-command-keys' returns.
Also clear the record of the last 100 events, unless optional arg
Also clear the record of the last 300 input events, unless optional arg
KEEP-RECORD is non-nil. */)
(Lisp_Object keep_record)
......@@ -1872,10 +1872,13 @@ pos_visible_p (struct window *w, ptrdiff_t charpos, int *x, int *y,
/* Account for line-number display, if IT3 still
didn't. This can happen if START - 1 is the
first or the last character on its display line. */
if (it3.lnum_pixel_width > 0)
top_x += it3.lnum_pixel_width;
else if (it.line_number_produced_p)
top_x += it.lnum_pixel_width;
if (!it3.line_number_produced_p)
if (it3.lnum_pixel_width > 0)
top_x += it3.lnum_pixel_width;
else if (it.line_number_produced_p)
top_x += it.lnum_pixel_width;
/* Normally, we would exit the above loop because we
found the display element whose character
position is CHARPOS. For the contingency that we
......@@ -296,5 +296,17 @@ Test with both unibyte and multibyte strings."
(1+ most-positive-fixnum)
(1- most-negative-fixnum)))))
(ert-deftest json-parse-string/wrong-type ()
"Check that Bug#42113 is fixed."
(skip-unless (fboundp 'json-parse-string))
(should-error (json-parse-string 1) :type 'wrong-type-argument))
(ert-deftest json-serialize/wrong-hash-key-type ()
"Check that Bug#42113 is fixed."
(skip-unless (fboundp 'json-serialize))
(let ((table (make-hash-table :test #'eq)))
(puthash 1 2 table)
(should-error (json-serialize table) :type 'wrong-type-argument)))
(provide 'json-tests)
;;; json-tests.el ends here
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