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Check in ChangeLog entries for lisp/erc that were accidentally omitted

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2007-09-08 Michael Olson <>
* erc.el (erc-version-string): Update to 5.3, development version.
2007-09-07 Glenn Morris <>
* erc.el (erc-toggle-debug-irc-protocol): Fix call to
......@@ -7,25 +11,308 @@
* erc-log.el, erc.el: Replace `iff' in doc-strings and comments.
2007-09-03 Michael Olson <>
* erc.el (erc-default-port): Make this an integer value rather
than a string. Thanks to Luca Capello for the report.
2007-08-27 Michael Olson <>
* erc.el (erc-cmd-GQUIT): If erc-kill-queries-on-quit is non-nil,
kill all query buffers after 4 seconds.
2007-08-16 Michael Olson <>
* NEWS: Add ERC 5.3 changes section, and mention jbms' erc-track
compatibility note.
* erc-track.el (erc-track-list-changed-hook): Turn this into a
customizable option.
(erc-track-switch-direction): Add 'importance option.
(erc-modified-channels-display): If erc-track-switch-direction is
'importance, call erc-track-sort-by-importance.
(erc-track-face-priority): New function that returns a number
indicating the position of a face in
(erc-track-sort-by-importance): New function that sorts
erc-modified-channels-list according to erc-track-face-priority.
(erc-track-get-active-buffer): Make 'oldest a rough opposite of
2007-08-14 Jeremy Maitin-Shepard <>
* erc-track.el (erc-track-remove-disconnected-buffers): New
variable which controls whether buffers associated with a server
that is disconnected should be removed from
`erc-modified-channels-alist'. Existing behavior is to
unconditionally remove such buffers, which is achieved by setting
`erc-track-removed-disconnected-buffers' to t. When set to t,
which is the new default value, such buffers remain in the list,
which I think is often the desired behavior, since the user may
likely wish to find out about activity that occurred in a channel
prior to it being disconnected.
(erc-track-list-changed-hook): New hook that is run whenever the
contents of `erc-modified-channels-alist' changes; it is useful
for users such as myself that don't use the default mode-line
notification but instead use a separate mechanism (which is tied
to my window manager) to provide notification of channel activity.
(erc-track-get-buffer-window): New function that acts as a wrapper
around `get-buffer-window' that handles the `selected-visible'
option of `erc-track-visibility'; previously, the value of
`erc-track-visibility' was passed directly to `get-buffer-window',
which does not support `selected-visible'; consequently,
`selected-visible' was not properly supported.
(erc-track-modified-channels): Fix a bug in the logic for removing
buffers from the list in certain cases.
(erc-track-position-in-mode-line): Add a supported value that
specifies that the tracking information should not be added to the
mode line at all. The value of nil is used to indicate that the
information should not be added at all to the mode line.
(erc-track-add-to-mode-line): Check for position eq to t, rather
than non-nil.
(erc-buffer-visible): Use erc-track-get-buffer-window.
(erc-modified-channels-update): Take
erc-track-remove-disconnected-buffers into account.
(erc-modified-channels-display): Run
* erc.el (erc-reuse-frames): New option that determines whether
new frames are always created. Defaults to t. This only has an
effect when erc-join-buffer is set to 'frame.
(erc-setup-buffer): Use it.
2007-08-14 Michael Olson <>
* erc-backend.el (erc-server-reconnect): If the server buffer has
been killed, use the current buffer instead. If the current
buffer is not an ERC buffer, give an error. This fixes a bug when
/reconnect is run from a channel buffer whose server buffer has
been deleted. Thanks to jbms for the report.
(erc-process-sentinel-1): Take server buffer as an argument, so
that we can make sure that it is current.
(erc-process-sentinel): Pass buffer to erc-process-sentinel-1.
(erc-process-sentinel-2): New function split from
erc-process-sentinel-1. If server buffer is deleted during a
reconnect attempt, stop trying to reconnect. Fix bug where
reconnect was not happening when erc-server-reconnect-attempts was
t. Call erc-server-reconnect-p only once each time. If we are
instructed to try connecting indefinitely, tell the user that they
can stop this by killing the server buffer. Call the process
sentinel by means of run-at-time, so that there is time to kill
the buffer if need be; this also removes the need for a while
loop. Refuse to reconnect again if erc-server-reconnect-timeout
is not an number.
* erc.el (erc-command-no-process-p): Fix bug: the return value of
erc-extract-command-from-line is a list rather than a single
symbol. Thanks to jbms for the report.
(erc-cmd-RECONNECT): Use simpler logic, and use buffer-live-p
rather than bufferp.
(erc-send-current-line, erc-display-command, erc-display-msg):
Handle case where erc-server-process is nil, so that /reconnect
2007-08-12 Michael Olson <>
* erc-identd.el (erc-identd-filter): Instead of sending an EOF
character, which now confuses freenode, stop the server process,
so that no new connections are accepted, and kill the current
client process.
2007-07-30 Michael Olson <>
* erc-nicklist.el: Remove from the Emacs source tree. This file
is not release quality, and relies heavily on a module which
cannot be distributed with ERC due to licensing reasons.
2007-07-29 Michael Olson <>
* erc-list.el: Relicense to GPLv3. Since the file was already
licensed under version 2 or later, it turns out that we do not
need the permission of all of the authors in order to proceed.
2007-07-25 Glenn Morris <>
* Relicense all FSF files to GPLv3 or later.
2007-07-13 Michael Olson <>
* erc-goodies.el (erc-get-bg-color-face, erc-get-fg-color-face):
Use erc-error rather than message and beep.
* erc-sound.el: Indentation fix.
* erc.el (erc-command-no-process-p): New function that determines
if its argument is an ERC command that can be run when the server
process is not alive.
(erc-cmd-SET, erc-cmd-CLEAR, erc-cmd-COUNTRY, erc-cmd-HELP)
(erc-cmd-LASTLOG, erc-cmd-QUIT, erc-cmd-GQUIT)
(erc-cmd-RECONNECT, erc-cmd-SERVER): Denote that these commands
can be run even when the server process is not alive.
(erc-send-current-line): Call erc-command-no-process-p if the
server process is not alive, to determine if we have a command
that can be run anyway. Thanks to Tom Tromey for the bug report.
(erc-error): New function that either displays a message or throws
an error, depending on whether debug-on-error is non-nil.
(erc-cmd-SERVER, erc-send-current-line): Use it.
2007-07-10 Michael Olson <>
* Relicense all FSF-assigned code to GPLv3.
2007-06-25 Michael Olson <>
* erc.texi (Options): Fix typo.
(Getting Help and Reporting Bugs): Update webpage URL. Make Gmane
part more readable.
2007-06-20 Michael Olson <>
* erc-stamp.el (erc-timestamp-format-left): New option that
specifies the left timestamp to use for
(erc-timestamp-format-right): New option that specifies the right
timestamp to use for erc-insert-timestamp-left-and-right.
(erc-insert-timestamp-function): Change default to
(erc-insert-away-timestamp-function): Ditto.
(erc-timestamp-last-inserted-right): New variables to keep track
of data for erc-insert-timestamp-left-and-right.
(erc-insert-timestamp-left-and-right): New function that places
timestamps on both the left and right sides of the screen, but
only if each timestamp has changed since it was last computed.
Thanks to offby1 for urging me to merge this.
* erc.el (erc-open-ssl-stream): Display informative error when
ssl.el not found.
(erc-tls): New function to connect using tls.el.
(erc-open-tls-stream): New function to initiate tls connection.
Display informative error when tls.el not found.
2007-06-19 Michael Olson <>
* erc-log.el: Update header with accurate instructions.
2007-06-17 Michael Olson <>
* erc-pkg.el: Update description to match what is currently in
2007-06-14 Juanma Barranquero <>
* erc-goodies.el (erc-scroll-to-bottom): Remove redundant check.
2007-06-13 Michael Olson <>
* erc-compat.el (erc-with-selected-window): New compatibility
macro that implements `with-selected-window'.
* erc-goodies.el (erc-scroll-to-bottom): Use it. This fixes a bug
with buffer ordering where ERC buffers would move to the top.
Thanks to Ivan Kanis for the patch.
2007-06-10 Michael Olson <>
* erc-log.el (erc-logging-enabled): Fix a bug that occurred when
`erc-log-channels-directory' had the name of a function.
2007-06-06 Juanma Barranquero <>
* erc.el (erc-show-channel-key-p, erc-startup-file-list):
Fix typo in docstring.
2007-06-03 Michael Olson <>
* erc-compat.el (erc-view-mode-enter): Make this its own function,
in order to document what we do, and provide sane fallback
* erc.el (erc-toggle-debug-irc-protocol): Don't pass any arguments
to erc-view-mode-enter, since we don't do anything special with
the exit function. This fixes a bug with Emacs 21 and Emacs 22.
Thanks to Leo for noticing.
2007-05-30 Michael Olson <>
* erc-compat.el (erc-user-emacs-directory): New variable that
determines where to find user-specific Emacs settings. For Emacs,
this is usually ~/.emacs.d, and for XEmacs this is usually
* erc.el (erc-startup-file-list): Use erc-user-emacs-directory.
2007-05-28 Michael Olson <>
* erc-button.el (erc-button-url-regexp): Recognize parentheses as
part of URLs. Thanks to Lawrence Mitchell for the fix.
2007-05-26 Michael Olson <>
* erc.texi (Modules): Fix references to completion modules.
2007-05-21 Michael Olson <>
* Makefile (SOURCE): Remove erc-pkg.el.
(debclean): New rule to clean old Debian packages of ERC.
(debprepare): Don't modify the released tarball, but copy it as
the .orig.tar.gz file.
(debrelease. debrevision): Remove.
(debinstall): New target that copies the generated Debian file to
a distro-specific location.
(deb): New rule that chains together the stages in building a
Debian package.
(EXTRAS): Add erc-nicklist.el, since it is not release-quality.
(extras): Copy images directory.
* erc-nicklist.el (erc-nicklist-icons-directory): Use
locate-library to find the "images" directory. This should be
more failsafe. Thanks to Tom Tromey for the idea.
2007-05-19 Michael Olson <>
* Makefile (ELPA): New variable that contains the location of my
local ELPA repository.
(elpa): New rule that makes an ELPA package for ERC.
2007-04-19 Michael Olson <>
* erc.el (erc-parse-prefix): New function that retrieves the
PREFIX server parameter from the current server and returns an
alist of prefix type to prefix character.
(erc-channel-receive-names): Use `erc-parse-prefix' to determine
whether the first character of a nick is a prefix character or
not. This should fix a bug reported by bromine about needing to
type "%" first to complete nicks of people who are "hops" on
Slashnet. This should also support for very exotic IRC server
setups, if any exist.
(erc-update-current-channel-member): Indentation.
2007-04-15 Michael Olson <>
* erc-log.el (erc-generate-log-file-name-function): Docfix.
Mention how to deal with the case for putting log files in
different directories. Change a customization type from `symbol'
to `function'.
(erc-log-channels-directory): Allow this to contain a function
name, which is called with the same args as in
`erc-generate-log-file-name-function'. Thanks to andrewy for the
report and use case.
(erc-current-logfile): Detect if `erc-log-channels-directory' is a
function and call it with arguments if so.
2007-04-12 Michael Olson <>
* erc-backend.el (define-erc-response-handler): Mention that hook
processing stops when the function returns non-nil. This should
help avoid a nasty "gotcha" when making custom functions. Thanks
to John Sullivan for the report.
2007-04-08 Diane Murray <>
* erc-nicklist.el (erc-nicklist-voiced-position): Fixed
customization mismatch.
2007-04-01 Michael Olson <>
* erc.el (erc-version-string): Release ERC 5.2.
......@@ -54,6 +341,10 @@
(upload-extras): New rule to upload the extras tarball. It's
yucky to replicate upload, but oh well.
(DISTRIBUTOR): New variable used to differentiate between building
packages for Ubuntu and Debian.
(debrelease, debrevision): Use it.
(debbuild): Run linda in addition to lintian.
* NEWS: Mention extras tarball. Note which files have been
renamed. Note that erc-list is enabled by default, except in
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