Commit 3b58be21 authored by Andreas Schwab's avatar Andreas Schwab
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(Fmodify_frame_parameters): Return a value.

parent cf04718a
2007-02-16 Andreas Schwab <>
* frame.c (Fmodify_frame_parameters): Return a value.
* editfns.c (Fformat): Add support for '+' flag.
* doprnt.c (doprnt1): Likewise. Fix overflow checking.
......@@ -2321,6 +2321,8 @@ enabled such bindings for that variable with `make-variable-frame-local'. */)
call1 (Qframe_set_background_mode, frame);
return Qnil;
DEFUN ("frame-char-height", Fframe_char_height, Sframe_char_height,
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