Commit 3b783a75 authored by Mark Oteiza's avatar Mark Oteiza

More JSON optimization

Last I checked, inlining json-skip-whitespace didn't make much
difference.  However, changing defsubsts to define-inline results
in roughly 15% reduction in read time on a 200K file.
* lisp/json.el (json-advance, json-peek, json-pop):
(json-skip-whitespace): Inline with define-inline.
(json-read-keyword): Don't use whitespace syntax.
(json-add-to-object): Simpler condition.
parent 817e92b2
......@@ -187,29 +187,30 @@ Unlike `reverse', this keeps the property-value pairs intact."
;; Reader utilities
(defsubst json-advance (&optional n)
(define-inline json-advance (&optional n)
"Advance N characters forward."
(forward-char n))
(inline-quote (forward-char ,n)))
(defsubst json-peek ()
(define-inline json-peek ()
"Return the character at point."
(inline-quote (following-char)))
(defsubst json-pop ()
(define-inline json-pop ()
"Advance past the character at point, returning it."
(let ((char (json-peek)))
(if (zerop char)
(inline-letevals ((char (json-peek)))
(if (zerop ,char)
(signal 'json-end-of-file nil)
(defun json-skip-whitespace ()
(define-inline json-skip-whitespace ()
"Skip past the whitespace at point."
;; See
;; or for the
;; definition of whitespace in JSON.
(skip-chars-forward "\t\r\n "))
(inline-quote (skip-chars-forward "\t\r\n ")))
......@@ -303,7 +304,8 @@ KEYWORD is the keyword expected."
(thing-at-point 'word)))))
(unless (looking-at "\\(\\s-\\|[],}]\\|$\\)")
(unless (memq (following-char) '(?\] ?, ?}))
(signal 'json-unknown-keyword
(list (save-excursion
(backward-word-strictly 1)
......@@ -470,11 +472,10 @@ Returns the updated object, which you should save, e.g.:
(setq obj (json-add-to-object obj \"foo\" \"bar\"))
Please see the documentation of `json-object-type' and `json-key-type'."
(let ((json-key-type
(if (eq json-key-type nil)
(or json-key-type
(cdr (assq json-object-type '((hash-table . string)
(alist . symbol)
(plist . keyword))))
(plist . keyword)))))))
(setq key
(cond ((eq json-key-type 'string)
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