Commit 3ba0a545 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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* Combine adjacent $opsys case blocks.

parent e3da5b19
2012-05-01 Glenn Morris <>
* Combine adjacent $opsys case blocks.
* (LIBS_TERMCAP): Remove unreachable branch for sol2.
* Invert the TERMINFO logic,
......@@ -2932,9 +2932,8 @@ fail;
openbsd) LIBS_TERMCAP="-lncurses" ;;
case "$opsys" in
## hpux: Make sure we get select from libc rather than from libcurses
## because libcurses on HPUX 10.10 has a broken version of select.
## We used to use -lc -lcurses, but this may be cleaner.
......@@ -2942,7 +2941,6 @@ case "$opsys" in
# set that way, now it uses the default). Isn't this a contradiction?
hpux*) LIBS_TERMCAP="-ltermcap" ;;
openbsd) LIBS_TERMCAP="-lncurses" ;;
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