Commit 3bd330d4 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(XTread_socket, ConfigureNotify case):

Convert from parent window, not Emacs window.
(XTread_socket): Handle ReparentNotify events.

(XTread_socket): For ConfigureNotify event,
translate coordinates if send_event field is false
provided the x-coord value is not large.
parent 5b3bb7c6
......@@ -2697,6 +2697,12 @@ XTread_socket (sd, bufp, numchars, waitp, expected)
case ReparentNotify:
f = x_window_to_frame (event.xreparent.window);
if (f)
f->display.x->parent_desc = event.xreparent.parent;
case Expose:
f = x_window_to_frame (event.xexpose.window);
if (f)
......@@ -3090,21 +3096,18 @@ XTread_socket (sd, bufp, numchars, waitp, expected)
if (! event.xconfigure.send_event
/* Sometimes we get root-relative coordinates
even tho send_event is 0.
This is not a perfectly reliable way of distinguishing,
but it does the right thing except in a case
where it doesn't hurt much to be wrong. */
&& event.xconfigure.x < 20)
if (! event.xconfigure.send_event)
Window win, child;
int win_x, win_y;
/* Coords are relative to the parent.
Convert them to root-relative. */
XTranslateCoordinates (x_current_display,
/* From-window, to-window. */
event.xconfigure.window, ROOT_WINDOW,
/* From-position, to-position. */
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