Commit 3bd6ef40 authored by Gemini Lasswell's avatar Gemini Lasswell

Create common tests for print.c and cl-print.el

* test/lisp/emacs-lisp/cl-print-tests.el
(cl-print--test, cl-print-tests-1, cl-print-tests-2)
(cl-print-tests-3, cl-print-tests-4, cl-print-tests-5)
(cl-print-tests-strings, cl-print-circle, cl-print-circle-2):
* test/src/print-tests.el (print-tests--prin1-to-string): New
(print-tests--deftest): New macro.
(print-hex-backslash, print-read-roundtrip, print-bignum): Define with
print-tests--deftest and use print-tests--prin1-to-string.
(print-tests--prints-with-charset-p): Use
(print-tests--print-charset-text-property-default): Define with
(print-tests-continuous-numbering, print-tests-1, print-tests-2)
(print-tests-3, print-tests-4, print-tests-5)
(print-tests-strings, print-circle, print-circle-2): New tests.
(print--test, print-tests-struct): New cl-defstructs.
parent 6eaf39d2
......@@ -19,109 +19,17 @@
;;; Commentary:
;; See test/src/print-tests.el for tests which apply to both
;; cl-print.el and src/print.c.
;;; Code:
(require 'ert)
(cl-defstruct cl-print--test a b)
(ert-deftest cl-print-tests-1 ()
"Test cl-print code."
(let ((x (make-cl-print--test :a 1 :b 2)))
(let ((print-circle nil))
(should (equal (cl-prin1-to-string `((x . ,x) (y . ,x)))
"((x . #s(cl-print--test :a 1 :b 2)) (y . #s(cl-print--test :a 1 :b 2)))")))
(let ((print-circle t))
(should (equal (cl-prin1-to-string `((x . ,x) (y . ,x)))
"((x . #1=#s(cl-print--test :a 1 :b 2)) (y . #1#))")))
(should (string-match "\\`#f(compiled-function (x) \"[^\"]+\" [^)]*)\\'"
(cl-prin1-to-string (symbol-function #'caar))))))
(ert-deftest cl-print-tests-2 ()
(let ((x (record 'foo 1 2 3)))
(should (equal
(car (read-from-string (with-output-to-string (prin1 x))))))
(let ((print-circle t))
(should (string-match
"\\`(#1=#s(foo 1 2 3) #1#)\\'"
(cl-prin1-to-string (list x x)))))))
(cl-defstruct (cl-print-tests-struct
(:constructor cl-print-tests-con))
a b c d e)
(ert-deftest cl-print-tests-3 ()
"CL printing observes `print-length'."
(let ((long-list (make-list 5 'a))
(long-vec (make-vector 5 'b))
(long-struct (cl-print-tests-con))
(long-string (make-string 5 ?a))
(print-length 4))
(should (equal "(a a a a ...)" (cl-prin1-to-string long-list)))
(should (equal "[b b b b ...]" (cl-prin1-to-string long-vec)))
(should (equal "#s(cl-print-tests-struct :a nil :b nil :c nil :d nil ...)"
(cl-prin1-to-string long-struct)))
(should (equal "\"aaaa...\"" (cl-prin1-to-string long-string)))))
(ert-deftest cl-print-tests-4 ()
"CL printing observes `print-level'."
(let* ((deep-list '(a (b (c (d (e))))))
(buried-vector '(a (b (c (d [e])))))
(deep-struct (cl-print-tests-con))
(buried-struct `(a (b (c (d ,deep-struct)))))
(buried-string '(a (b (c (d #("hello" 0 5 (cl-print-test t)))))))
(buried-simple-string '(a (b (c (d "hello")))))
(print-level 4))
(setf (cl-print-tests-struct-a deep-struct) deep-list)
(should (equal "(a (b (c (d ...))))" (cl-prin1-to-string deep-list)))
(should (equal "(a (b (c (d ...))))" (cl-prin1-to-string buried-vector)))
(should (equal "(a (b (c (d ...))))" (cl-prin1-to-string buried-struct)))
(should (equal "(a (b (c (d ...))))" (cl-prin1-to-string buried-string)))
(should (equal "(a (b (c (d \"hello\"))))"
(cl-prin1-to-string buried-simple-string)))
(should (equal "#s(cl-print-tests-struct :a (a (b (c ...))) :b nil :c nil :d nil :e nil)"
(cl-prin1-to-string deep-struct)))))
(ert-deftest cl-print-tests-5 ()
"CL printing observes `print-quoted'."
(let ((quoted-stuff '('a #'b `(,c ,@d))))
(let ((print-quoted t))
(should (equal "('a #'b `(,c ,@d))"
(cl-prin1-to-string quoted-stuff))))
(let ((print-quoted nil))
(should (equal "((quote a) (function b) (\\` ((\\, c) (\\,@ d))))"
(cl-prin1-to-string quoted-stuff))))))
(ert-deftest cl-print-tests-strings ()
"CL printing prints strings and propertized strings."
(let* ((str1 "abcdefghij")
(str2 #("abcdefghij" 3 6 (bold t) 7 9 (italic t)))
(str3 #("abcdefghij" 0 10 (test t)))
(obj '(a b))
;; Since the byte compiler reuses string literals,
;; and the put-text-property call is destructive, use
;; copy-sequence to make a new string.
(str4 (copy-sequence "abcdefghij")))
(put-text-property 0 5 'test obj str4)
(put-text-property 7 10 'test obj str4)
(should (equal "\"abcdefghij\"" (cl-prin1-to-string str1)))
(should (equal "#(\"abcdefghij\" 3 6 (bold t) 7 9 (italic t))"
(cl-prin1-to-string str2)))
(should (equal "#(\"abcdefghij\" 0 10 (test t))"
(cl-prin1-to-string str3)))
(let ((print-circle nil))
"#(\"abcdefghij\" 0 5 (test (a b)) 7 10 (test (a b)))"
(cl-prin1-to-string str4))))
(let ((print-circle t))
"#(\"abcdefghij\" 0 5 (test #1=(a b)) 7 10 (test #1#))"
(cl-prin1-to-string str4))))))
(ert-deftest cl-print-tests-ellipsis-cons ()
"Ellipsis expansion works in conses."
(let ((print-length 4)
......@@ -216,23 +124,6 @@
(should (string-match expanded (with-output-to-string
(cl-print-expand-ellipsis value nil))))))
(ert-deftest cl-print-circle ()
(let ((x '(#1=(a . #1#) #1#)))
(let ((print-circle nil))
(should (string-match "\\`((a . #[0-9]) (a . #[0-9]))\\'"
(cl-prin1-to-string x))))
(let ((print-circle t))
(should (equal "(#1=(a . #1#) #1#)" (cl-prin1-to-string x))))))
(ert-deftest cl-print-circle-2 ()
;; Bug#31146.
(let ((x '(0 . #1=(0 . #1#))))
(let ((print-circle nil))
(should (string-match "\\`(0 0 . #[0-9])\\'"
(cl-prin1-to-string x))))
(let ((print-circle t))
(should (equal "(0 . #1=(0 . #1#))" (cl-prin1-to-string x))))))
(ert-deftest cl-print-tests-print-to-string-with-limit ()
(let* ((thing10 (make-list 10 'a))
(thing100 (make-list 100 'a))
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