Commit 3be4340f authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(copyright-regexp): Delete the unibyte copyright symbol; it's redundant.

Fix a spazz in the multibyte encoding here.
parent 8ff1bc94
......@@ -46,8 +46,8 @@ A value of nil means to search whole buffer."
;; The character classes include the unibyte (C) sign,
;; the Latin-1 version, and the Latin-9 version.
(defcustom copyright-regexp
"\\([\251©Ž©]\\|@copyright{}\\|[Cc]opyright\\s *:?\\s *\\(?:(C)\\)?\
\\|[Cc]opyright\\s *:?\\s *[\251©Ž©]\\)\
"\\([©Ž©]\\|@copyright{}\\|[Cc]opyright\\s *:?\\s *\\(?:(C)\\)?\
\\|[Cc]opyright\\s *:?\\s *[©Ž©]\\)\
\\s *\\([1-9]\\([-0-9, ';\n\t]\\|\\s<\\|\\s>\\)*[0-9]+\\)"
"*What your copyright notice looks like.
The second \\( \\) construct must match the years."
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