Commit 3c280f48 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(mail-yank-original): In Transient Mark mode,

don't get error and don't activate the mark.
parent fcf8ba15
......@@ -565,16 +565,20 @@ and don't delete any header fields."
(insert-buffer mail-reply-buffer)
(if (consp arg)
(mail-yank-clear-headers start (mark))
(mail-yank-clear-headers start (mark t))
(if (null mail-yank-prefix)
(indent-rigidly start (mark)
(indent-rigidly start (mark t)
(if arg (prefix-numeric-value arg) 3))
(goto-char start)
(while (< (point) (mark))
(while (< (point) (mark t))
(insert mail-yank-prefix)
(forward-line 1)))))
;; This is like exchange-point-and-mark, but doesn't activate the mark.
;; It is cleaner to avoid activation, even though the command
;; loop would deactivate the mark because we inserted text.
(goto-char (prog1 (mark t)
(set-marker (mark-marker) (point) (current-buffer))))
(if (not (eolp)) (insert ?\n)))))
(defun mail-yank-clear-headers (start end)
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