Commit 3c2cede3 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(mail-setup): After using `fill-region-as-paragraph'

on a new address field, ensure that it ends with a newline.
parent d6046e45
......@@ -885,7 +885,7 @@ the user from the mailer."
;; since some systems have broken sendmails.
;; unless user has said no.
(if (memq mail-from-style '(angles parens nil))
(list "-f" (user-login-name)))
(list "-f" user-mail-address))
;;; ;; Don't say "from root" if running under su.
;;; (and (equal (user-real-login-name) "root")
;;; (list "-f" (user-login-name)))
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