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Suggest to upgrade ncurses if Emacs aborts inside tparam1.

parent 855e4b92
......@@ -217,6 +217,18 @@ This currently doesn't work with scroll-bar widgets (and we don't know
a good way of implementing it with widgets). If Emacs is configured
--without-toolkit-scroll-bars, C-mouse-2 on the scroll bar does work.
* Emacs aborts inside the function `tparam1'.
This can happen if Emacs was built without terminfo support, but the
terminal's capabilities use format that is only supported by terminfo.
If your system has ncurses installed, this might happen if your
version of ncurses is broken; upgrading to a newer version of ncurses
and reconfiguring and rebuilding Emacs should solve this.
All modern systems support terminfo, so even if ncurses is not the
problem, you should look for a way to configure Emacs so that it uses
terminfo when built.
* Colors are not available on a tty or in xterm.
Emacs 21 supports colors on character terminals and terminal
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