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(Documentation Commands): Explain how to get a man page from

a particular section, with `man' and `woman'.
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......@@ -1582,6 +1582,16 @@ named @samp{*Man @var{topic}*}. These buffers use a special major mode,
Man mode, that facilitates scrolling and examining other manual pages.
For details, type @kbd{C-h m} while in a man page buffer.
@cindex sections of manual pages
Man pages are subdivided into @dfn{sections}, and some man pages have
identical names, but belong to different sections. To read a man page
from a certain section, type @kbd{@var{topic}(@var{section})} or
@kbd{@var{section} @var{topic}} when @kbd{M-x manual-entry} prompts for
the topic. For example, to read the man page for the C library function
@code{chmod} (as opposed to a command by the same name), type @kbd{M-x
manual-entry @key{RET} chmod(2v) @key{RET}} (assuming @code{chmod} is in
section @code{2v}).
@vindex Man-fontify-manpage-flag
For a long man page, setting the faces properly can take substantial
time. By default, Emacs uses faces in man pages if Emacs can display
......@@ -1613,6 +1623,11 @@ page.
manual pages used for completion. This is useful if you add or delete
manual pages.
If you type a name of a manual page and @kbd{M-x woman} finds that
several manual pages by the same name exist in different sections, it
pops up a window with possible candidates asking you to choose one of
@vindex woman-manpath
By default, @kbd{M-x woman} looks up the manual pages in directories
listed by the @code{MANPATH} environment variable. (If @code{MANPATH}
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