Commit 3c8fccc3 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(Faset): Simplify a statement in the char-table case.

This is to help some compilers.
parent bb0115a2
......@@ -1707,13 +1707,19 @@ IDX starts at 0.")
if (SUB_CHAR_TABLE_P (val))
array = val;
Lisp_Object temp;
/* VAL is a leaf. Create a sub char table with the
default value VAL or XCHAR_TABLE (array)->defalt
and look into it. */
array = (XCHAR_TABLE (array)->contents[code[i]]
= make_sub_char_table (NILP (val)
temp = make_sub_char_table (NILP (val)
? XCHAR_TABLE (array)->defalt
: val));
: val);
XCHAR_TABLE (array)->contents[code[i]] = temp;
array = temp;
XCHAR_TABLE (array)->contents[code[i]] = newelt;
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