Commit 3cbbbdc6 authored by Dave Love's avatar Dave Love
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(C_DEBUG_SWITCH): Use -g -O.

parent ccecdd38
......@@ -5,12 +5,13 @@
/* For AIX, it turns out compiling emacs under AIX 3.2.4 REQUIRES "cc -g"
because "cc -O" crashes. Under AIX 3.2.5, "cc -O" is required because
"cc -g" crashes. Go figure. */
#ifndef __GNUC__
/* The above isn't generally true. If it occurs with some compiler
release, seek a fixed version, be it XLC or GCC. The XLC version
isn't tied to the OS version on AIX any more than elsewhere. XLC
(the IBM compiler) can use -g with -O. (-O3 is also a possibility
for the optimization level.) -- fx, after David Edelsohn. */
#define C_DEBUG_SWITCH -g -O
/* Perry Smith <> says these are correct. */
......@@ -17,11 +17,15 @@
/* David Edelsohn <> says that this actually depends
on the version of XLC, which can't be predicted from the system version.
What a mess! */
/* No more of a mess than other systems, GNU+GCC included. See
comments in aix3-2-5.h. -- fx */
#if 0
#ifndef __GNUC__
#define C_DEBUG_SWITCH -g
/* The X internationalization stuff is still broken in AIX 4.1, so
don't #undef X11R5_INHIBIT_I18N
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