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doc/misc/gnus-faq.texi (FAQ 3-11): Now Gnus supports POP3 UIDL

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2013-03-07 Katsumi Yamaoka <>
* gnus-faq.texi (FAQ 3-11): Now Gnus supports POP3 UIDL.
2013-03-06 Alan Mackenzie <>
* cc-mode.texi (Custom Line-Up): Clarify position of point on
......@@ -705,32 +705,9 @@ retrieves via POP3?
@subsubheading Answer
First of all, that's not the way POP3 is intended to work,
if you have the possibility, you should use the IMAP
Protocol if you want your messages to stay on the
server. Nevertheless there might be situations where you
need the feature, but sadly Gnus itself has no predefined
functionality to do so.
However this is Gnus county so there are possibilities to
achieve what you want. The easiest way is to get an external
program which retrieves copies of the mail and stores them
on disk, so Gnus can read it from there. On Unix systems you
could use, e.g., fetchmail for this, on MS Windows you can use
Hamster, an excellent local news and mail server.
The other solution would be, to replace the method Gnus
uses to get mail from POP3 servers by one which is capable
of leaving the mail on the server. If you use XEmacs, get
the package mail-lib, it includes an enhanced pop3.el,
look in the file, there's documentation on how to tell
Gnus to use it and not to delete the retrieved mail. For
GNU Emacs look for the file epop3.el which can do the same
(If you know the home of this file, please send me an
e-mail). You can also tell Gnus to use an external program
(e.g., fetchmail) to fetch your mail, see the info node
"Mail Source Specifiers" in the Gnus manual on how to do
Yes, if the POP3 server supports the UIDL control (maybe almost servers
do it nowadays). To do that, add a @code{:leave VALUE} pair to each
POP3 mail source. See @pxref{Mail Source Specifiers} for VALUE.
@node FAQ 4 - Reading messages
@subsection Reading messages
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