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Fix handling of mouse clicks on tab-bar buttons

* src/xdisp.c (note_mouse_highlight): Don't attempt to highlight
tab-bar buttons.
(note_tab_bar_highlight): Function deleted: it had no effect on
display of tab-bar buttons.
(tab_bar_item_info): Mention all arguments in the commentary.
(get_tab_bar_item): Don't pay attention to mouse-highlight
information; instead, compare the button's index with the one
recorded in f->last_tab_bar_item.
(handle_tab_bar_click): Don't attempt to show tab-bar buttons in
pressed or released state: that isn't supported.  Determine
whether to generate a tab-bar button click based on DOWN_P
argument, not on mouse-highlight, which has no effect on tab-bar
display.  (Bug#47581)
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......@@ -13607,8 +13607,9 @@ redisplay_tab_bar (struct frame *f)
/* Get information about the tab-bar item which is displayed in GLYPH
on frame F. Return in *PROP_IDX the index where tab-bar item
properties start in F->tab_bar_items. Value is false if
GLYPH doesn't display a tab-bar item. */
properties start in F->tab_bar_items. Return in CLOSE_P an
indication whether the click was on the close-tab icon of the tab.
Value is false if GLYPH doesn't display a tab-bar item. */
static bool
tab_bar_item_info (struct frame *f, struct glyph *glyph,
......@@ -13654,7 +13655,6 @@ static int
get_tab_bar_item (struct frame *f, int x, int y, struct glyph **glyph,
int *hpos, int *vpos, int *prop_idx, bool *close_p)
Mouse_HLInfo *hlinfo = MOUSE_HL_INFO (f);
struct window *w = XWINDOW (f->tab_bar_window);
int area;
......@@ -13668,18 +13668,7 @@ get_tab_bar_item (struct frame *f, int x, int y, struct glyph **glyph,
if (!tab_bar_item_info (f, *glyph, prop_idx, close_p))
return -1;
/* Is mouse on the highlighted item? */
if (EQ (f->tab_bar_window, hlinfo->mouse_face_window)
&& *vpos >= hlinfo->mouse_face_beg_row
&& *vpos <= hlinfo->mouse_face_end_row
&& (*vpos > hlinfo->mouse_face_beg_row
|| *hpos >= hlinfo->mouse_face_beg_col)
&& (*vpos < hlinfo->mouse_face_end_row
|| *hpos < hlinfo->mouse_face_end_col
|| hlinfo->mouse_face_past_end))
return 0;
return 1;
return *prop_idx == f->last_tab_bar_item ? 0 : 1;
......@@ -13693,7 +13682,6 @@ void
handle_tab_bar_click (struct frame *f, int x, int y, bool down_p,
int modifiers)
Mouse_HLInfo *hlinfo = MOUSE_HL_INFO (f);
struct window *w = XWINDOW (f->tab_bar_window);
int hpos, vpos, prop_idx;
bool close_p;
......@@ -13701,47 +13689,27 @@ handle_tab_bar_click (struct frame *f, int x, int y, bool down_p,
Lisp_Object enabled_p;
int ts;
/* If not on the highlighted tab-bar item, and mouse-highlight is
non-nil, return. This is so we generate the tab-bar button
click only when the mouse button is released on the same item as
where it was pressed. However, when mouse-highlight is disabled,
generate the click when the button is released regardless of the
highlight, since tab-bar items are not highlighted in that
case. */
frame_to_window_pixel_xy (w, &x, &y);
ts = get_tab_bar_item (f, x, y, &glyph, &hpos, &vpos, &prop_idx, &close_p);
if (ts == -1
|| (ts != 0 && !NILP (Vmouse_highlight)))
/* If the button is released on a tab other than the one where
it was pressed, don't generate the tab-bar button click event. */
|| (ts != 0 && !down_p))
/* When mouse-highlight is off, generate the click for the item
where the button was pressed, disregarding where it was
released. */
if (NILP (Vmouse_highlight) && !down_p)
prop_idx = f->last_tab_bar_item;
/* If item is disabled, do nothing. */
enabled_p = AREF (f->tab_bar_items, prop_idx + TAB_BAR_ITEM_ENABLED_P);
if (NILP (enabled_p))
if (down_p)
/* Show item in pressed state. */
if (!NILP (Vmouse_highlight))
show_mouse_face (hlinfo, DRAW_IMAGE_SUNKEN);
f->last_tab_bar_item = prop_idx;
f->last_tab_bar_item = prop_idx; /* record the pressed tab */
Lisp_Object key, frame;
struct input_event event;
EVENT_INIT (event);
/* Show item in released state. */
if (!NILP (Vmouse_highlight))
show_mouse_face (hlinfo, DRAW_IMAGE_RAISED);
key = AREF (f->tab_bar_items, prop_idx + TAB_BAR_ITEM_KEY);
XSETFRAME (frame, f);
......@@ -13754,97 +13722,6 @@ handle_tab_bar_click (struct frame *f, int x, int y, bool down_p,
/* Possibly highlight a tab-bar item on frame F when mouse moves to
tab-bar window-relative coordinates X/Y. Called from
note_mouse_highlight. */
static void
note_tab_bar_highlight (struct frame *f, int x, int y)
Lisp_Object window = f->tab_bar_window;
struct window *w = XWINDOW (window);
Mouse_HLInfo *hlinfo = MOUSE_HL_INFO (f);
int hpos, vpos;
struct glyph *glyph;
struct glyph_row *row;
int i;
Lisp_Object enabled_p;
int prop_idx;
bool close_p;
enum draw_glyphs_face draw = DRAW_IMAGE_RAISED;
int rc;
/* Function note_mouse_highlight is called with negative X/Y
values when mouse moves outside of the frame. */
if (x <= 0 || y <= 0)
clear_mouse_face (hlinfo);
rc = get_tab_bar_item (f, x, y, &glyph, &hpos, &vpos, &prop_idx, &close_p);
if (rc < 0)
/* Not on tab-bar item. */
clear_mouse_face (hlinfo);
else if (rc == 0)
/* On same tab-bar item as before. */
goto set_help_echo;
clear_mouse_face (hlinfo);
bool mouse_down_p = false;
#ifndef HAVE_NS
/* Mouse is down, but on different tab-bar item? */
Display_Info *dpyinfo = FRAME_DISPLAY_INFO (f);
mouse_down_p = (gui_mouse_grabbed (dpyinfo)
&& f == dpyinfo->last_mouse_frame);
if (mouse_down_p && f->last_tab_bar_item != prop_idx)
draw = mouse_down_p ? DRAW_IMAGE_SUNKEN : DRAW_IMAGE_RAISED;
/* If tab-bar item is not enabled, don't highlight it. */
enabled_p = AREF (f->tab_bar_items, prop_idx + TAB_BAR_ITEM_ENABLED_P);
if (!NILP (enabled_p) && !NILP (Vmouse_highlight))
/* Compute the x-position of the glyph. In front and past the
image is a space. We include this in the highlighted area. */
row = MATRIX_ROW (w->current_matrix, vpos);
for (i = x = 0; i < hpos; ++i)
x += row->glyphs[TEXT_AREA][i].pixel_width;
/* Record this as the current active region. */
hlinfo->mouse_face_beg_col = hpos;
hlinfo->mouse_face_beg_row = vpos;
hlinfo->mouse_face_beg_x = x;
hlinfo->mouse_face_past_end = false;
hlinfo->mouse_face_end_col = hpos + 1;
hlinfo->mouse_face_end_row = vpos;
hlinfo->mouse_face_end_x = x + glyph->pixel_width;
hlinfo->mouse_face_window = window;
hlinfo->mouse_face_face_id = TAB_BAR_FACE_ID;
/* Display it as active. */
show_mouse_face (hlinfo, draw);
/* Set help_echo_string to a help string to display for this tab-bar item.
XTread_socket does the rest. */
help_echo_object = help_echo_window = Qnil;
help_echo_pos = -1;
help_echo_string = AREF (f->tab_bar_items, prop_idx + TAB_BAR_ITEM_HELP);
if (NILP (help_echo_string))
help_echo_string = AREF (f->tab_bar_items, prop_idx + TAB_BAR_ITEM_CAPTION);
/* Find the tab-bar item at X coordinate and return its information. */
......@@ -33537,13 +33414,9 @@ note_mouse_highlight (struct frame *f, int x, int y)
frame_to_window_pixel_xy (w, &x, &y);
#if defined (HAVE_WINDOW_SYSTEM)
/* Handle tab-bar window differently since it doesn't display a
buffer. */
/* We don't highlight tab-bar buttons. */
if (EQ (window, f->tab_bar_window))
note_tab_bar_highlight (f, x, y);
#if defined (HAVE_WINDOW_SYSTEM) && ! defined (HAVE_EXT_TOOL_BAR)
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