Commit 3d143690 authored by Jason Rumney's avatar Jason Rumney
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(w32_get_string_resource): Try SYSTEM_DEFAULT_RESOURCES last.
parent 0c8ea7af
2003-06-06 Jason Rumney <>
* w32reg.c (SYSTEM_DEFAULT_RESOURCES): New constant.
(w32_get_string_resource): Try SYSTEM_DEFAULT_RESOURCES last.
* xfaces.c (Finternal_face_x_get_resource): Do it on Windows and
Mac too.
2003-06-05 Dave Love <>
* mktime.c (__mktime_internal): Merge changes from gnulib
......@@ -30,6 +30,33 @@ Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA. */
#define REG_ROOT "SOFTWARE\\GNU\\Emacs"
/* Default system colors from the Display Control Panel settings. */
"emacs.foreground:SystemWindowText\0" \
"emacs.background:SystemWindow\0" \
"emacs.tooltip.attributeForeground:SystemInfoText\0" \
"emacs.tooltip.attributeBackground:SystemInfoWindow\0" \
"emacs.tool-bar.attributeForeground:SystemButtonText\0" \
"emacs.tool-bar.attributeBackground:SystemButtonFace\0" \
"\0" \
"\0" \
/* Other possibilities for default faces:
region: Could use SystemHilight, but interferes with our ability to
see most syntax highlighting through the region face.
modeline: Could use System(In)ActiveTitle, gradient versions (not
supported on 95 and NT), but modeline is more like a status bar
really (which don't appear to be configurable in Windows).
highlight: Could use SystemHotTrackingColor, but it is not supported
on Windows 95 or NT, and other apps only seem to use it for menus
static char *
w32_get_rdb_resource (rdb, resource)
char *rdb;
......@@ -109,7 +136,9 @@ w32_get_string_resource (name, class, dwexptype)
goto trykey;
return (NULL);
/* Check if there are Windows specific defaults defined. */
return w32_get_rdb_resource (SYSTEM_DEFAULT_RESOURCES, name);
return (lpvalue);
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