Commit 3d186118 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris

(calendar-insert-indented): Doc fix. Use when rather than if.

(exit-calendar): Use mapc rather than mapcar.
(calendar-cursor-to-date): Use zerop.
parent 668bd187
......@@ -39,6 +39,9 @@
Move to diary-lib.
(all-christian-calendar-holidays, all-islamic-calendar-holidays)
(all-bahai-calendar-holidays): Doc fix.
(calendar-insert-indented): Doc fix. Use when rather than if.
(exit-calendar): Use mapc rather than mapcar.
(calendar-cursor-to-date): Use zerop.
(calendar-mark-ring): Add doc-string.
(calendar-starred-day): Defvar it.
(calendar-mode): Make calendar-starred-day local.
......@@ -52,6 +55,7 @@
(mark-diary-entries-hook, nongregorian-diary-listing-hook)
(nongregorian-diary-marking-hook, print-diary-entries-hook):
Move here from calendar.el.
(diary-file-name-prefix-function): Use 'identity.
(diary-face): Make it a defcustom, and mark as obsolete.
(top-level): No need to require cal-hebrew, cal-islam when
......@@ -1592,7 +1592,7 @@ line."
"Insert STRING at column INDENT.
If the optional parameter NEWLINE is t, leave point at start of next line,
inserting a newline if there was no next line; otherwise, leave point after
the inserted text. Value is always t."
the inserted text. Returns t."
;; Try to move to that column.
(move-to-column indent)
;; If line is too short, indent out to that column.
......@@ -1600,12 +1600,11 @@ the inserted text. Value is always t."
(indent-to indent))
(insert string)
;; Advance to next line, if requested.
(if newline
(when newline
(if (eobp)
(forward-line 1))))
(forward-line 1)))
(defun redraw-calendar ()
......@@ -1957,8 +1956,8 @@ the STRINGS are just concatenated and the result truncated."
"Diary modified; do you really want to exit the calendar? "))
;; Need to do this multiple times because one time can replace some
;; calendar-related buffers with other calendar-related buffers
(mapcar (lambda (x)
(mapcar 'calendar-hide-window (calendar-window-list)))
(mapc (lambda (x)
(mapc 'calendar-hide-window (calendar-window-list)))
(defun calendar-hide-window (window)
......@@ -1991,10 +1990,10 @@ If cursor is not on a specific date, signals an error if optional parameter
ERROR is t, otherwise just returns nil."
(let* ((segment (/ (current-column) 25))
(month (% (+ displayed-month segment -1) 12))
(month (if (= 0 month) 12 month))
(month (if (zerop month) 12 month))
((and (= 12 month) (= segment 0)) (1- displayed-year))
((and (= 12 month) (zerop segment)) (1- displayed-year))
((and (= 1 month) (= segment 2)) (1+ displayed-year))
(t displayed-year))))
(if (and (looking-at "[ 0-9]?[0-9][^0-9]")
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