Commit 3d68fa99 authored by Chong Yidong's avatar Chong Yidong
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* simple.el (compose-mail): Check for incompatibilities and warn.

(compose-mail-user-agent-warnings): New option.
parent 662c5698
2009-12-07 Chong Yidong <>
* simple.el (compose-mail): Check for incompatibilities and warn.
(compose-mail-user-agent-warnings): New option.
2009-12-07 Dan Nicolaescu <>
Support showing a single log entry from vc-annotate.
......@@ -5558,6 +5558,15 @@ See also `read-mail-command' concerning reading mail."
:version "23.2" ; sendmail->message
:group 'mail)
(defcustom compose-mail-user-agent-warnings t
"If non-nil, `compose-mail' warns about changes in `mail-user-agent'.
If the value of `mail-user-agent' is the default, and the user
appears to have customizations applying to the old default,
`compose-mail' issues a warning."
:type 'boolean
:version "23.2"
:group 'mail)
(define-mail-user-agent 'sendmail-user-agent
......@@ -5627,6 +5636,32 @@ SEND-ACTIONS is a list of actions to call when the message is sent.
Each action has the form (FUNCTION . ARGS)."
(list nil nil nil current-prefix-arg))
;; In Emacs 23.2, the default value of `mail-user-agent' changed
;; from sendmail-user-agent to message-user-agent. Some users may
;; encounter incompatibilities. This hack tries to detect problems
;; and warn about them.
(and compose-mail-user-agent-warnings
(eq mail-user-agent 'message-user-agent)
(let (warn-vars)
(dolist (var '(mail-mode-hook mail-send-hook mail-setup-hook
mail-yank-hooks mail-archive-file-name
mail-default-reply-to mail-mailing-lists
mail-self-blind mail-setup-with-from))
(and (boundp var)
(symbol-value var)
(push var warn-vars)))
(when warn-vars
(display-warning 'mail
(format "\
The default mail mode is now Message mode.
You have the following Mail mode variable%s customized:
\n %s\n\nTo use Mail mode, set `mail-user-agent' to sendmail-user-agent.
To disable this warning, set `compose-mail-check-user-agent' to nil."
(if (> (length warn-vars) 1) "s" "")
(mapconcat 'symbol-name
warn-vars " "))))))
(let ((function (get mail-user-agent 'composefunc)))
(funcall function to subject other-headers continue
switch-function yank-action send-actions)))
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