Commit 3d994264 authored by Ted Zlatanov's avatar Ted Zlatanov
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* net/imap-hash.el: New library, see NEWS.

* (ELCFILES): Add imap-hash.el.

* NEWS: Mention new library imap-hash.el
parent 081bd373
2009-09-27 Teodor Zlatanov <>
* NEWS: Mention new library imap-hash.el
2009-09-22 Juanma Barranquero <>
* NEWS: Mention new variable `help-downcase-arguments'
......@@ -237,6 +237,8 @@ Command*'.
** js.el is a new major mode for JavaScript files.
** imap-hash.el is a new library to address IMAP mailboxes as hashtables.
* Lisp changes in Emacs 23.2
2009-09-27 Teodor Zlatanov <>
* net/imap-hash.el: New library, see NEWS.
* (ELCFILES): Add imap-hash.el.
2009-09-27 Stefan Monnier <>
* help.el (help-for-help-internal): Don't purecopy the text (bug#4560).
......@@ -839,6 +839,7 @@ ELCFILES = \
$(lisp)/net/hmac-def.elc \
$(lisp)/net/hmac-md5.elc \
$(lisp)/net/imap.elc \
$(lisp)/net/imap-hash.elc \
$(lisp)/net/ldap.elc \
$(lisp)/net/mairix.elc \
$(lisp)/net/net-utils.elc \
;;; imap-hash.el --- Hashtable-like interface to an IMAP mailbox
;; Copyright (C) 2009 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
;; Author: Teodor Zlatanov <>
;; Keywords: mail
;; This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
;; (at your option) any later version.
;; This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with this program. If not, see <>.
;;; Commentary:
;; This module provides hashtable-like functions on top of imap.el
;; functionality. All the authentication is handled by auth-source so
;; there are no authentication options here, only the server and
;; mailbox names are needed.
;; Create a IHT (imap-hash table) object with `imap-hash-make'. Then
;; use it with `imap-hash-map' to map a function across all the
;; messages. Use `imap-hash-get' and `imap-hash-rem' to operate on
;; individual messages. See the tramp-imap.el library in Tramp if you
;; need to see practical examples.
;; This only works with IMAP4r1. Sorry to everyone without it, but
;; the compatibility code is too annoying and it's 2009.
;; TODO: Use SEARCH instead of FETCH when a test is specified. List
;; available mailboxes. Don't select an invalid mailbox.
;;; Code:
(require 'assoc)
(require 'imap)
(require 'sendmail) ; for mail-header-separator
(require 'message)
(autoload 'auth-source-user-or-password "auth-source")
;; retrieve these headers
(defvar imap-hash-headers
(append '(Subject From Date Message-Id References In-Reply-To Xref)))
;; from nnheader.el
(defsubst imap-hash-remove-cr-followed-by-lf ()
(goto-char (point-max))
(while (search-backward "\r\n" nil t)
(delete-char 1)))
;; from nnheader.el
(defun imap-hash-ms-strip-cr (&optional string)
"Strip ^M from the end of all lines in current buffer or STRING."
(if string
(insert string)
(defun imap-hash-make (server port mailbox &optional user password ssl)
"Makes a new imap-hash object using SERVER, PORT, and MAILBOX.
SSL, USER, PASSWORD are optional.
The test is set to t, meaning all messages are considered."
(when (and server port mailbox)
(list :server server :port port :mailbox mailbox
:ssl ssl :user user :password password
:test t)))
(defun imap-hash-p (iht)
"Checks whether IHT is a valid imap-hash."
(imap-hash-server iht)
(imap-hash-port iht)
(imap-hash-mailbox iht)
(imap-hash-test iht)))
(defmacro imap-hash-gather (uid)
`(imap-message-get ,uid 'BODYDETAIL))
(defmacro imap-hash-data-body (details)
`(nth 2 (nth 1 ,details)))
(defmacro imap-hash-data-headers (details)
`(nth 2 (nth 0 ,details)))
(defun imap-hash-get (key iht &optional refetch)
"Get the value for KEY in the imap-hash IHT.
Requires either `imap-hash-fetch' to be called beforehand
(e.g. by `imap-hash-map'), or REFETCH to be t.
Returns a list of the headers (an alist, see `imap-hash-map') and
the body of the message as a string.
Also see `imap-hash-test'."
(with-current-buffer (imap-hash-get-buffer iht)
(when refetch
(imap-hash-fetch iht nil key))
(let ((details (imap-hash-gather key)))
(imap-hash-data-headers details))
(imap-hash-data-body details))))))
(defun imap-hash-put (value iht &optional key)
"Put VALUE in the imap-hash IHT. Returns the new key.
If KEY is given, removes it.
VALUE can be a list of the headers (an alist, see `imap-hash-map')
and the body of the message as a string. It can also be a uid,
in which case `imap-hash-get' will be called to get the value.
Also see `imap-hash-test'."
(let ((server-buffer (imap-hash-get-buffer iht))
(value (if (listp value) value (imap-hash-get value iht)))
(when value
(funcall 'imap-hash-make-message
(nth 0 value)
(nth 1 value)
(setq newuid (nth 1 (imap-message-append
(imap-hash-mailbox iht)
(current-buffer) nil nil server-buffer)))
(when key (imap-hash-rem key iht))))
(defun imap-hash-make-message (headers body &optional overrides)
"Make a message with HEADERS and BODY suitable for `imap-append',
using `message-setup'..
Look in the alist OVERRIDES for header overrides as per `imap-hash-headers'."
;; don't insert a signature no matter what
(let (message-signature)
(append overrides headers))
(message-generate-headers message-required-mail-headers)
(message-remove-header "X-Draft-From")
(insert (or (aget overrides 'body)
(goto-char (point-min))
;; TODO: make this search better
(if (search-forward mail-header-separator nil t)
(delete-region (line-beginning-position) (line-end-position))
(error "Could not find the body separator in the encoded message!"))))
(defun imap-hash-rem (key iht)
"Remove KEY in the imap-hash IHT.
Also see `imap-hash-test'. Requires `imap-hash-fetch' to have
been called and the imap-hash server buffer to be current,
so it's best to use it inside `imap-hash-map'.
The key will not be found on the next `imap-hash-map' call."
(with-current-buffer (imap-hash-get-buffer iht)
(imap-range-to-message-set (list key))
"\\Deleted" 'silent)
(imap-mailbox-expunge t)))
(defun imap-hash-clear (iht)
"Remove all keys in the imap-hash IHT.
Also see `imap-hash-test'."
(imap-hash-map (lambda (uid b c) (imap-hash-rem uid iht)) iht))
(defun imap-hash-get-headers (text-headers)
(insert (or text-headers ""))
(mapcar (lambda (header)
(cons header
(message-fetch-field (format "%s" header))))
(defun imap-hash-get-body (text)
(insert (or text ""))
(defun imap-hash-map (function iht &optional headers-only &rest messages)
"Call FUNCTION for all entries in IHT and pass it the message uid,
the headers (an alist, see `imap-hash-headers'), and the body
contents as a string. If HEADERS-ONLY is not nil, the body will be nil.
Returns results of evaluating, as would `mapcar'.
If MESSAGES are given, iterate only over those UIDs.
Also see `imap-hash-test'."
(imap-hash-fetch iht headers-only)
(let ((test (imap-hash-test iht)))
(with-current-buffer (imap-hash-get-buffer iht)
(delq nil
(imap-message-map (lambda (message ignored-parameter)
(let* ((details (imap-hash-gather message))
(headers (imap-hash-data-headers details))
(hlist (imap-hash-get-headers headers))
(runit (cond
((stringp test)
(format "%s" (aget hlist 'Subject))))
((functionp test)
(funcall test hlist))
;; otherwise, return test itself
(t test))))
;;(debug message headers)
(when runit
(funcall function
(imap-hash-data-body details))))))
(defun imap-hash-count (iht)
"Counts the number of messages in the imap-hash IHT.
Also see `imap-hash-test'. It uses `imap-hash-map' so just use that
function if you want to do more than count the elements."
(length (imap-hash-map (lambda (a b c)) iht t)))
(defalias 'imap-hash-size 'imap-hash-count)
(defun imap-hash-test (iht)
"Returns the test used by `imap-hash-map' for IHT.
When the test is t, any key will be a candidate.
When the test is a string, messages will be filtered on that string as a regexp
against the subject.
When the test is a function, messages will be filtered with it.
The function is passed the message headers (see `imap-hash-get-headers')."
(plist-get iht :test))
(defun imap-hash-server (iht)
"Returns the server used by the imap-hash IHT."
(plist-get iht :server))
(defun imap-hash-port (iht)
"Returns the port used by the imap-hash IHT."
(plist-get iht :port))
(defun imap-hash-ssl (iht)
"Returns the SSL need for the imap-hash IHT."
(plist-get iht :ssl))
(defun imap-hash-mailbox (iht)
"Returns the mailbox used by the imap-hash IHT."
(plist-get iht :mailbox))
(defun imap-hash-user (iht)
"Returns the username used by the imap-hash IHT."
(plist-get iht :user))
(defun imap-hash-password (iht)
"Returns the password used by the imap-hash IHT."
(plist-get iht :password))
(defun imap-hash-open-connection (iht)
"Open the connection used for IMAP interactions with the imap-hash IHT."
(let* ((server (imap-hash-server iht))
(port (imap-hash-port iht))
(ssl-need (imap-hash-ssl iht))
(auth-need (not (and (imap-hash-user iht)
(imap-hash-password iht))))
;; this will not be needed if auth-need is t
(auth-info (when auth-need
'("login" "password")
server port)))
(auth-user (or (imap-hash-user iht)
(nth 0 auth-info)))
(auth-passwd (or (imap-hash-password iht)
(nth 1 auth-info)))
(imap-logout-timeout nil))
;; (debug "opening server: opened+state" (imap-opened) imap-state)
;; this is the only place where IMAP vs IMAPS matters
(if (imap-open server port (if ssl-need 'ssl nil) nil (current-buffer))
;; (debug "after opening server: opened+state" (imap-opened (current-buffer)) imap-state)
;; (debug "authenticating" auth-user auth-passwd)
(if (not (imap-capability 'IMAP4rev1))
(error "IMAP server does not support IMAP4r1, it won't work, sorry.")
(imap-authenticate auth-user auth-passwd)
;; (debug "after authenticating: opened+state" (imap-opened (current-buffer)) imap-state)
(imap-opened (current-buffer))))
(error "Could not open the IMAP buffer"))))
(defun imap-hash-get-buffer (iht)
"Get or create the connection buffer to be used for the imap-hash IHT."
(let* ((name (imap-hash-buffer-name iht))
(buffer (get-buffer name)))
(if (and buffer (imap-opened buffer))
(when buffer (kill-buffer buffer))
(with-current-buffer (get-buffer-create name)
(setq buffer-undo-list t)
(when (imap-hash-open-connection iht)
(defun imap-hash-buffer-name (iht)
"Get the connection buffer to be used for the imap-hash IHT."
(when (imap-hash-p iht)
(let ((server (imap-hash-server iht))
(port (imap-hash-port iht))
(ssl-text (if (imap-hash-ssl iht) "SSL" "NoSSL")))
(format "*imap-hash/%s:%s:%s*" server port ssl-text))))
(defun imap-hash-fetch (iht &optional headers-only &rest messages)
"Fetch all the messages for imap-hash IHT.
Get only the headers if HEADERS-ONLY is not nil."
(with-current-buffer (imap-hash-get-buffer iht)
(let ((range (if messages
(imap-range-to-message-set messages)
(imap-range-to-message-set messages))
'("1:*" . "1,*:*"))))
;; (with-current-buffer "*imap-debug*"
;; (erase-buffer))
(imap-mailbox-select (imap-hash-mailbox iht))
;; (debug "after selecting mailbox: opened+state" (imap-opened) imap-state)
;; (setq imap-message-data (make-vector imap-message-prime 0)
(imap-fetch-safe range
(concat (format "(UID RFC822.SIZE BODY %s "
(if headers-only "" "BODY.PEEK[TEXT]"))
(provide 'imap-hash)
;;; imap-hash.el ends here
;; ignore, for testing only
;;; (setq iht (imap-hash-make "" "imap" "INBOX.test"))
;;; (setq iht (imap-hash-make "" "imap" "test"))
;;; (imap-hash-make "server1" "INBOX.mailbox2")
;;; (imap-hash-p iht)
;;; (imap-hash-get 35 iht)
;;; (imap-hash-get 38 iht)
;;; (imap-hash-get 37 iht t)
;;; (mapc (lambda (buffer) (with-current-buffer buffer (erase-buffer))) '("*imap-debug*" "*imap-log*"))
;;; (imap-hash-put (imap-hash-get 5 iht) iht)
;;; (with-current-buffer (imap-hash-get-buffer iht) (let ((uid (imap-hash-put (imap-hash-get 5 iht) iht))) (imap-hash-put uid iht uid)))
;;; (imap-hash-put (imap-hash-get 35 iht) iht)
;;; (imap-hash-make-message '((Subject . "normal")) "normal body")
;;; (imap-hash-make-message '((Subject . "old")) "old body" '((Subject . "new")))
;;; (imap-hash-make-message '((Subject . "old")) "old body" '((body . "new body")) (lambda (subject) (concat "overwrite-" subject)))
;;; (imap-hash-make-message '((Subject . "old")) "old body" '((Subject . "change this")) (lambda (subject) (concat "overwrite-" subject)))
;;; (imap-hash-make-message '((Subject . "Twelcome")) "body here" nil)
;; (with-current-buffer (imap-hash-get-buffer iht) (imap-hash-rem (imap-hash-put (imap-hash-get 5 iht) iht) iht))
;;; (kill-buffer (imap-hash-buffer-name iht))
;;; (imap-hash-map 'debug iht)
;;; (imap-hash-map 'debug iht t)
;;;(tramp-imap-handle-file-inode "/")
;;;(imap-hash-count iht)
;;; (mapc (lambda (buffer) (with-current-buffer buffer (erase-buffer))) '("*imap-debug*" "*imap-log*"))
;;; (kill-buffer (imap-hash-buffer-name iht))
;;; this should always return t if the server is up, automatically reopening if needed
;;; (imap-opened (imap-hash-get-buffer iht))
;;; (imap-hash-buffer-name iht)
;;; (with-current-buffer (imap-hash-get-buffer iht) (debug "mailbox data, auth and state" imap-mailbox-data imap-auth imap-state))
;;;(tramp-imap-handle-file-inode "/")
;;; (imap-hash-fetch iht nil)
;;; (imap-hash-fetch iht t)
;;; (imap-hash-fetch iht nil 1 2 3)
;;; (imap-hash-fetch iht t 1 2 3)
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