Commit 3dbe4b54 authored by Jan Djärv's avatar Jan Djärv
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(xdialog_show): Call Fredisplay before showing the dialog.

parent 0e65eb18
......@@ -3333,6 +3333,14 @@ xdialog_show (f, keymaps, title, header, error_name)
/* No selection has been chosen yet. */
menu_item_selection = 0;
/* Force a redisplay before showing the dialog. If a frame is created
just before showing the dialog, its contents may not have been fully
drawn, as this depends on timing of events from the X server. Redisplay
is not done when a dialog is shown. If redisplay could be done in the
X event loop (i.e. the X event loop does not run in a signal handler)
this would not be needed. */
Fredisplay (Qt);
/* Actually create and show the dialog. */
create_and_show_dialog (f, first_wv);
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