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; * etc/NEWS: Minor copyedits in the Fido mode entry.

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......@@ -1216,10 +1216,11 @@ A new command 'xref-revert-buffer' is bound to 'g'.
** Icomplete
*** A new minor mode based on Icomplete, Fido mode, is made available.
The point of this mode, named after "Fake Ido", is to recover much of
the functionality that still separated the popular ido-mode from
Icomplete, while still cooperating fully with all of Emacs's
*** New minor mode Fido mode.
This mode is based on Icomplete, and its name stands for "Fake Ido".
The point of this mode is to be an ido-mode workalike, but provide
most of the functionality present in Icomplete that is not in
ido-mode, while being much more compatible with all of Emacs's
completion facilities.
** Ecomplete
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