Commit 3df34fdb authored by Brian Fox's avatar Brian Fox

(XScreenNumberOfScreen): Move assignments out of declaration for (dpy,

dpyscr).  Some older versions of MIPS compilers miscompile this expression.
parent 4805f679
......@@ -3502,10 +3502,13 @@ int
XScreenNumberOfScreen (scr)
register Screen *scr;
register Display *dpy = scr->display;
register Screen *dpyscr = dpy->screens;
register Display *dpy;
register Screen *dpyscr;
register int i;
dpy = scr->display;
dpyscr = dpy->screens;
for (i = 0; i < dpy->nscreens; i++, dpyscr++)
if (scr == dpyscr)
return i;
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