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Remove most-positive-fixnum, most-negative-fixnum.

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......@@ -3370,7 +3370,7 @@ which were left out of Emacs Lisp.
* Predicates on Numbers:: `plusp', `oddp', `floatp-safe', etc.
* Numerical Functions:: `abs', `floor*', etc.
* Random Numbers:: `random*', `make-random-state'
* Implementation Parameters:: `most-positive-fixnum', `most-positive-float'
* Implementation Parameters:: `most-positive-float'
@end menu
......@@ -3577,16 +3577,6 @@ This predicate returns @code{t} if @var{object} is a
This package defines several useful constants having to with numbers.
@defvar most-positive-fixnum
This constant equals the largest value a Lisp integer can hold.
It is typically @code{2^23-1} or @code{2^25-1}.
@end defvar
@defvar most-negative-fixnum
This constant equals the smallest (most negative) value a Lisp
integer can hold.
@end defvar
The following parameters have to do with floating-point numbers.
This package determines their values by exercising the computer's
floating-point arithmetic in various ways. Because this operation
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