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Some desktop doc.

* doc/emacs/misc.texi (Saving Emacs Sessions): Document some new desktop user options.
parent 653b6ea3
2014-02-28 Xue Fuqiao <>
* misc.texi (Saving Emacs Sessions): Document some new desktop user options.
2014-02-27 Xue Fuqiao <>
* programs.texi (Basic Indent):
......@@ -2193,6 +2193,32 @@ preserve certain buffers, customize the variable
@code{desktop-clear-preserve-buffers-regexp}, whose value is a regular
expression matching the names of buffers not to kill.
@vindex desktop-restore-frames
@code{desktop-restore-frames}, enabled by default, a non-@code{nil}
means save frames (@pxref{Frames}) to desktop file.
@vindex desktop-restore-in-current-display
If the value of @code{desktop-restore-in-current-display} is @code{t},
frames are restored in the current display. If @code{nil} (the
default), frames are restored in their original displays if possible.
If @samp{delete}, frames on other displays are deleted instead of
@vindex desktop-restore-reuses-frames
If the value of @code{desktop-restore-reuses-frames} is @code{t} (the
default), restoring frames will reuse existing frames. If @code{nil},
existing frames are deleted. If @samp{:keep}, existing frames are
kept but not reused.
@vindex desktop-restore-forces-onscreen
If the value of @code{desktop-restore-forces-onscreen} is @code{t}
(the default), offscreen frames are restored onscreen. If
@samp{:all}, frames that are partially offscreen are also forced
onscreen. @strong{Notice:} Checking of frame boundaries is
approximate. It may not reliably detect frames whose
onscreen/offscreen state depends on a few pixels, especially near the
right and/or bottom borders of the screen.
If you want to save minibuffer history from one session to
another, use the @code{savehist} library.
......@@ -537,6 +537,7 @@ if your version doesn't support that option. See option `cfengine-cf-promises'.
after `desktop-auto-save-timeout'. To disable this, customize that option
to nil (or zero).
*** `desktop-restore-frames', enabled by default, allows saving and
restoring the frame/window configuration (frameset). Additional options
`desktop-restore-in-current-display', `desktop-restore-reuses-frames'
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