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......@@ -426,6 +426,42 @@ THINGS TO DO
conflicts with stuff like `display-time-mode'. Use `device-'
or `terminal-' instead. I think I prefer `terminal-'.
It turns out that most of the offending Lisp functions were defined
in the trunk. Therefore, compatibility aliases should be defined
for the following names:
display-color-cells terminal-color-cells
display-color-p terminal-color-p
display-graphic-p terminal-graphic-p
display-grayscale-p terminal-grayscale-p
display-images-p terminal-images-p
display-mm-height terminal-mm-height
display-mm-width terminal-mm-width
display-mouse-p terminal-mouse-p
display-multi-font-p terminal-multi-font-p
display-multi-frame-p terminal-multi-frame-p
display-pixel-height terminal-pixel-height
display-pixel-width terminal-pixel-width
display-pixels-per-inch terminal-pixels-per-inch
display-planes terminal-planes
display-popup-menus-p terminal-popup-menus-p
display-save-under terminal-save-under
display-screens terminal-screens
display-supports-face-attributes-p terminal-supports-face-attributes-p
display-visual-class terminal-visual-class
framep-on-display framep-on-terminal
frames-on-display-list frames-on-terminal-list
The following functions were introduced in the multi-tty branch, and
can be renamed without aliases:
display-controlling-tty-p terminal-controlling-tty-p
display-list terminal-list
display-live-p terminal-live-p
display-name terminal-name
display-tty-type terminal-tty-type
frame-display terminal-of-frame
** The semantics of terminal-local variables are confusing; it is not
clear what binding is in effect in any given time. See if
current_kboard (or at least the terminal-local bindings exported to
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