Commit 3e721a14 authored by Juri Linkov's avatar Juri Linkov
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(lisp, c, tex): Add :link (custom-group-link font-lock-faces) to defgroup.

(custom-variable-prompt): Clarify the code.
parent a4deefed
......@@ -212,11 +212,13 @@
(defgroup lisp nil
"Lisp support, including Emacs Lisp."
:link '(custom-group-link :tag "Font Lock Faces group" font-lock-faces)
:group 'languages
:group 'development)
(defgroup c nil
"Support for the C language and related languages."
:link '(custom-group-link :tag "Font Lock Faces group" font-lock-faces)
:link '(custom-manual "(ccmode)")
:group 'languages)
......@@ -323,6 +325,7 @@
(defgroup tex nil
"Code related to the TeX formatter."
:link '(custom-group-link :tag "Font Lock Faces group" font-lock-faces)
:group 'wp)
(defgroup faces nil
......@@ -490,15 +493,14 @@ IF REGEXP is not a string, return it unchanged."
(defun custom-variable-prompt ()
"Prompt for a custom variable, defaulting to the variable at point.
Return a list suitable for use in `interactive'."
(let ((v (variable-at-point))
(enable-recursive-minibuffers t)
(setq val (if (and (symbolp v) (custom-variable-p v))
(format "Customize option (default %s): " v) obarray
'custom-variable-p t nil nil (symbol-name v))
(completing-read "Customize option: " obarray
'custom-variable-p t)))
(let* ((v (variable-at-point))
(default (and (symbolp v) (custom-variable-p v) (symbol-name v)))
(enable-recursive-minibuffers t)
(setq val (completing-read
(if default (format "Customize option (default %s): " default)
"Customize option: ")
obarray 'custom-variable-p t nil nil default))
(list (if (equal val "")
(if (symbolp v) v nil)
(intern val)))))
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