Commit 3e883207 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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Use ALL_CFLAGS in all the rules that compile and link with one cmd.
(LINK_CFLAGS): New variable.
(timer): Use LINK_CFLAGS.
parent 6fefdc4b
......@@ -98,7 +98,9 @@ SOURCES = COPYING ChangeLog README aixcc.lex emacs.csh \
### HAVE_CONFIG_H #defined before they know they can take advantage of
### the information in ../src/config.h.
-I. -I../src -I${srcdir} -I${srcdir}/../src ${CFLAGS}
-I. -I../src -I${srcdir} -I${srcdir}/../src ${LDFLAGS} ${CPPFLAGS} ${CFLAGS}
-I. -I../src -I${srcdir} -I${srcdir}/../src ${LDFLAGS} ${CFLAGS}
-I. -I../src -I${srcdir} -I${srcdir}/../src ${CPPFLAGS} ${CFLAGS}
# This is the default compilation command.
......@@ -186,51 +188,51 @@ getopt1.o: ${srcdir}/getopt1.c ${srcdir}/getopt.h
${CC} -c ${CPP_CFLAGS} ${srcdir}/getopt1.c
etags: ${srcdir}/etags.c $(GETOPTDEPS) ../src/config.h
$(CC) ${CPP_CFLAGS} -DETAGS ${srcdir}/etags.c $(GETOPTOBJS) $(LOADLIBES) -o etags
$(CC) ${ALL_CFLAGS} -DETAGS ${srcdir}/etags.c $(GETOPTOBJS) $(LOADLIBES) -o etags
# We depend on etags to assure that parallel makes don't write two
# etags.o files on top of each other.
ctags: ${srcdir}/etags.c $(GETOPTDEPS) etags
$(CC) ${CPP_CFLAGS} -DCTAGS ${srcdir}/etags.c $(GETOPTOBJS) $(LOADLIBES) -o ctags
$(CC) ${ALL_CFLAGS} -DCTAGS ${srcdir}/etags.c $(GETOPTOBJS) $(LOADLIBES) -o ctags
wakeup: ${srcdir}/wakeup.c
$(CC) ${CPP_CFLAGS} ${srcdir}/wakeup.c $(LOADLIBES) -o wakeup
$(CC) ${ALL_CFLAGS} ${srcdir}/wakeup.c $(LOADLIBES) -o wakeup
make-docfile: ${srcdir}/make-docfile.c
$(CC) ${CPP_CFLAGS} ${srcdir}/make-docfile.c $(LOADLIBES) -o make-docfile
$(CC) ${ALL_CFLAGS} ${srcdir}/make-docfile.c $(LOADLIBES) -o make-docfile
digest-doc: ${srcdir}/digest-doc.c
$(CC) ${CPP_CFLAGS} ${srcdir}/digest-doc.c $(LOADLIBES) -o digest-doc
$(CC) ${ALL_CFLAGS} ${srcdir}/digest-doc.c $(LOADLIBES) -o digest-doc
sorted-doc: ${srcdir}/sorted-doc.c ${ALLOCA}
$(CC) ${CPP_CFLAGS} ${srcdir}/sorted-doc.c ${ALLOCA} $(LOADLIBES) -o sorted-doc
$(CC) ${ALL_CFLAGS} ${srcdir}/sorted-doc.c ${ALLOCA} $(LOADLIBES) -o sorted-doc
b2m: ${srcdir}/b2m.c ../src/config.h
$(CC) ${CPP_CFLAGS} ${srcdir}/b2m.c $(LOADLIBES) -o b2m
$(CC) ${ALL_CFLAGS} ${srcdir}/b2m.c $(LOADLIBES) -o b2m
movemail: ${srcdir}/movemail.c ../src/config.h
$(CC) ${CPP_CFLAGS} ${srcdir}/movemail.c $(LOADLIBES) -o movemail
$(CC) ${ALL_CFLAGS} ${srcdir}/movemail.c $(LOADLIBES) -o movemail
cvtmail: ${srcdir}/cvtmail.c
$(CC) ${CPP_CFLAGS} ${srcdir}/cvtmail.c $(LOADLIBES) -o cvtmail
$(CC) ${ALL_CFLAGS} ${srcdir}/cvtmail.c $(LOADLIBES) -o cvtmail
fakemail: ${srcdir}/fakemail.c ../src/config.h
$(CC) ${CPP_CFLAGS} ${srcdir}/fakemail.c $(LOADLIBES) -o fakemail
$(CC) ${ALL_CFLAGS} ${srcdir}/fakemail.c $(LOADLIBES) -o fakemail
yow: ${srcdir}/yow.c ../src/paths.h
$(CC) ${CPP_CFLAGS} ${srcdir}/yow.c $(LOADLIBES) -o yow
$(CC) ${ALL_CFLAGS} ${srcdir}/yow.c $(LOADLIBES) -o yow
env: ${srcdir}/env.c ../src/config.h
$(CC) -DEMACS ${CPP_CFLAGS} ${srcdir}/env.c $(LOADLIBES) -o env
$(CC) -DEMACS ${ALL_CFLAGS} ${srcdir}/env.c $(LOADLIBES) -o env
emacsserver: ${srcdir}/emacsserver.c ../src/config.h
$(CC) ${CPP_CFLAGS} ${srcdir}/emacsserver.c $(LOADLIBES) -o emacsserver
$(CC) ${ALL_CFLAGS} ${srcdir}/emacsserver.c $(LOADLIBES) -o emacsserver
emacsclient: ${srcdir}/emacsclient.c ../src/config.h
$(CC) ${CPP_CFLAGS} ${srcdir}/emacsclient.c $(LOADLIBES) -o emacsclient
$(CC) ${ALL_CFLAGS} ${srcdir}/emacsclient.c $(LOADLIBES) -o emacsclient
hexl: ${srcdir}/hexl.c
$(CC) ${CPP_CFLAGS} ${srcdir}/hexl.c $(LOADLIBES) -o hexl
$(CC) ${ALL_CFLAGS} ${srcdir}/hexl.c $(LOADLIBES) -o hexl
TIMEROBJS=getdate.o timer.o $(ALLOCA)
getdate.o: ${srcdir}/getdate.y ../src/config.h
......@@ -240,34 +242,34 @@ getdate.o: ${srcdir}/getdate.y ../src/config.h
timer.o: ${srcdir}/timer.c ../src/config.h
$(CC) -c $(CPP_CFLAGS) ${srcdir}/timer.c
timer: ${TIMEROBJS}
make-path: ${srcdir}/make-path.c ../src/config.h
$(CC) $(CPP_CFLAGS) ${srcdir}/make-path.c -o make-path
$(CC) $(ALL_CFLAGS) ${srcdir}/make-path.c -o make-path
# These are NOT included in INSTALLABLES or UTILITIES.
# See ../src/ymakefile.
emacstool: ${srcdir}/emacstool.c
$(CC) ${srcdir}/emacstool.c -o emacstool ${CPP_CFLAGS} \
$(CC) ${srcdir}/emacstool.c -o emacstool ${ALL_CFLAGS} \
-lsuntool -lsunwindow -lpixrect $(LOADLIBES)
# For SUN Japanese Language Environment
nemacstool: ${srcdir}/emacstool.c
$(CC) -o nemacstool -DJLE ${CPP_CFLAGS} ${srcdir}/emacstool.c \
$(CC) -o nemacstool -DJLE ${ALL_CFLAGS} ${srcdir}/emacstool.c \
-lsuntool -lmle -lsunwindow -lpixrect $(LOADLIBES)
xvetool: ${srcdir}/emacstool.c
$(CC) -o xvetool -DXVIEW ${CPP_CFLAGS} ${srcdir}/emacstool.c \
$(CC) -o xvetool -DXVIEW ${ALL_CFLAGS} ${srcdir}/emacstool.c \
-lxview -lX -I$(OPENWINHOME)/include -L$(OPENWINHOME)/lib \
xveterm: ${srcdir}/emacstool.c
$(CC) -o xveterm -DXVIEW -DTTERM ${CPP_CFLAGS} ${srcdir}/emacstool.c \
$(CC) -o xveterm -DXVIEW -DTTERM ${ALL_CFLAGS} ${srcdir}/emacstool.c \
-lxview -lolgx -lX -I$(OPENWINHOME)/include -L$(OPENWINHOME)/lib \
aixcc: ${srcdir}/aixcc.c
$(CC) $(CPP_CFLAGS) -o aixcc ${srcdir}/aixcc.c
$(CC) $(ALL_CFLAGS) -o aixcc ${srcdir}/aixcc.c
aixcc.c: ${srcdir}/aixcc.lex
lex ${srcdir}/aixcc.lex
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