Commit 3ebb8416 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier

(delay-mode-hooks): Add edebug-spec.

(edebug-instrument-function): Use `find-function-noselect'.
parent 1f79789d
......@@ -2097,6 +2097,7 @@ expressions; a `progn' form will be returned enclosing these forms."
(def-edebug-spec with-output-to-string t)
(def-edebug-spec with-current-buffer t)
(def-edebug-spec combine-after-change-calls t)
(def-edebug-spec delay-mode-hooks t)
(def-edebug-spec with-temp-file t)
(def-edebug-spec with-temp-buffer t)
(def-edebug-spec with-temp-message t)
......@@ -3348,23 +3349,23 @@ go to the end of the last sexp, or if that is the same point, then step."
(defun edebug-instrument-function (func)
;; Func should be a function symbol.
;; Return the function symbol, or nil if not instrumented.
(let ((func-marker))
(setq func-marker (get func 'edebug))
(let ((func-marker (get func 'edebug)))
((markerp func-marker)
;; It is uninstrumented, so instrument it.
(set-buffer (marker-buffer func-marker))
(with-current-buffer (marker-buffer func-marker)
(goto-char func-marker)
((consp func-marker)
(message "%s is already instrumented." func)
;; We could try harder, e.g. do a tags search.
(error "Don't know where %s is defined" func)
(let ((loc (find-function-noselect func)))
(with-current-buffer (car loc)
(goto-char (cdr loc))
(defun edebug-instrument-callee ()
"Instrument the definition of the function or macro about to be called.
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