Commit 3f080e4e authored by Andrew Choi's avatar Andrew Choi
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s/darwin.h (GC_MARK_STACK): Define.

parent 583a618e
2003-10-12 Andrew Choi <>
* s/darwin.h (GC_MARK_STACK): Define.
2003-10-12 Jan Dj,Ad(Brv <>
* window.c (shrink_windows): New function.
......@@ -317,5 +317,9 @@ struct kboard;
#define select sys_select
/* Use the GC_MAKE_GCPROS_NOOPS (see lisp.h) method for marking the
stack. */
/* arch-tag: 481d443d-4f89-43ea-b5fb-49706d95fa41
(do not change this comment) */
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