Commit 3f107ef7 authored by Dmitry Antipov's avatar Dmitry Antipov
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Fix ChangeLog entry.

parent 51e12e8e
......@@ -2,8 +2,10 @@
Consistently use validate_subarray to verify substring.
* fns.c (validate_substring): Not static any more. Adjust to
use ptrdiff_t, not EMACS_INT, becase string and vector limits
use ptrdiff_t, not EMACS_INT, because string and vector limits
can't exceed ptrdiff_t even if EMACS_INT is wider.
(Fcompare_strings, Fsubstring, Fsubstring_no_properties)
(secure_hash): Adjust user.
* lisp.h (validate_subarray): Add prototype.
* coding.c (Fundecodable_char_position):
* composite.c (Fcomposition_get_gstring, Fcompose_string_internal):
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