Commit 3f26d1e6 authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann

Patch from rms.

parent 0b7b02f9
......@@ -951,12 +951,11 @@ This function makes @var{table} the category table for the current
buffer. It returns @var{table}.
@end defun
@defun make-category-table &optional default-set
@defun make-category-table
@tindex make-category-table
This creates and returns an empty category table, using
@var{default-set} as the default (for characters that don't specify
their own sets). Initially no characters specify their own sets in this
new table; that is what we mean by ``empty.''
This creates and returns an empty category table. In an empty category
table, no categories have been allocated, and no characters belong to
any categories.
@end defun
@defun make-category-set categories
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