Commit 3f39f996 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman

(Qeval_buffer_list, Veval_buffer_list): New vars.

(syms_of_lread): Set up eval-buffer-list.
(Feval_buffer, Feval_region): Bind eval-buffer-list.
parent 0a2eeb92
......@@ -85,6 +85,7 @@ Lisp_Object Qvariable_documentation, Vvalues, Vstandard_input, Vafter_load_alist
Lisp_Object Qascii_character, Qload, Qload_file_name;
Lisp_Object Qbackquote, Qcomma, Qcomma_at, Qcomma_dot, Qfunction;
Lisp_Object Qinhibit_file_name_operation;
Lisp_Object Qeval_buffer_list, Veval_buffer_list;
extern Lisp_Object Qevent_symbol_element_mask;
extern Lisp_Object Qfile_exists_p;
......@@ -1452,6 +1453,7 @@ This function preserves the position of point. */)
if (NILP (filename))
filename = XBUFFER (buf)->filename;
specbind (Qeval_buffer_list, Fcons (buf, Veval_buffer_list));
specbind (Qstandard_output, tem);
record_unwind_protect (save_excursion_restore, save_excursion_save ());
......@@ -1487,6 +1489,7 @@ This function does not move point. */)
tem = printflag;
specbind (Qstandard_output, tem);
specbind (Qeval_buffer_list, Fcons (cbuf, Veval_buffer_list));
/* readevalloop calls functions which check the type of start and end. */
readevalloop (cbuf, 0, XBUFFER (cbuf)->filename, Feval,
......@@ -3961,6 +3964,10 @@ to load. See also `load-dangerous-libraries'. */);
= build_string ("^;;;.\\(in Emacs version\\|bytecomp version FSF\\)");
DEFVAR_LISP ("eval-buffer-list", &Veval_buffer_list,
doc: /* List of buffers being read from by calls to `eval-buffer' and `eval-region'. */);
Veval_buffer_list = Qnil;
/* Vsource_directory was initialized in init_lread. */
load_descriptor_list = Qnil;
......@@ -4002,6 +4009,9 @@ to load. See also `load-dangerous-libraries'. */);
Qload_file_name = intern ("load-file-name");
staticpro (&Qload_file_name);
Qeval_buffer_list = intern ("eval-buffer-list");
staticpro (&Qeval_buffer_list);
staticpro (&dump_path);
staticpro (&read_objects);
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