Commit 3f6b532c authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa
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(Fx_get_cut_buffer_internal): Return a unibyte string.

parent bc3f38d9
......@@ -2324,7 +2324,7 @@ DEFUN ("x-get-cut-buffer-internal", Fx_get_cut_buffer_internal,
Fcons (x_atom_to_symbol (display, type),
Fcons (make_number (format), Qnil))));
ret = (bytes ? make_string ((char *) data, bytes) : Qnil);
ret = (bytes ? make_unibyte_string ((char *) data, bytes) : Qnil);
/* Use xfree, not XFree, because x_get_window_property
calls xmalloc itself. */
xfree (data);
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