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Add item about OpenMotif file dialogs.

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......@@ -2,6 +2,20 @@ This file describes various problems that have been encountered
in compiling, installing and running GNU Emacs.
* Problems with file dialogs in Emacs built with Open Motif.
When Emacs 21 is built with Open Motif 2.1, it can happen that the
graphical file dialog boxes do not work properly. The "OK", "Filter"
and "Cancel" buttons do not respond to mouse clicks. Dragging the
file dialog window usually causes the buttons to work again.
The solution is to use LessTi instead. LessTif is a free replacement
for Motif. See the file INSTALL for information on how to do this.
Another workaround is not to use the mouse to trigger file prompts,
but to use the keyboard. This way, you will be prompted for a file in
the minibuffer instead of a graphical file dialog.
* Emacs reports a BadAtom error (from X) running on Solaris 7 or 8.
This happens when Emacs was built on some other version of Solaris.
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