Commit 3f872b67 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(ARRAY_MARK_FLAG): Definition moved to lisp.h.

parent 829d872b
......@@ -1190,28 +1190,6 @@ struct backtrace
/* if nargs is UNEVALLED, args points to slot holding list of unevalled args */
char evalargs;
/* Two flags that are set during GC in the `size' component
of a string or vector. On some machines, these flags
are defined by the m- file to be different bits. */
/* On vector, means it has been marked.
On string size field or a reference to a string,
means not the last reference in the chain. */
#endif /* no ARRAY_MARK_FLAG */
/* Any slot that is a Lisp_Object can point to a string
and thus can be put on a string's reference-chain
and thus may need to have its ARRAY_MARK_FLAG set.
This includes the slots whose markbits are used to mark
the containing objects. */
you lose
/* Garbage collection! */
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