Commit 3f990c3c authored by Mattias Engdegård's avatar Mattias Engdegård

Simplify byte-code optimisation of pure functions

Most pure functions need no explicit optimisation; we can do away with
almost all uses of byte-optimize-predicate (now renamed to
byte-optimize-constant-args, since it is not just for predicates).
Also remove some superfluous arity warnings.

* lisp/emacs-lisp/byte-opt.el (byte-optimize-identity, byte-optimize-memq)
(byte-optimize-nth, byte-optimize-nthcdr):
Remove arity warnings and simplify.
* lisp/emacs-lisp/byte-opt.el (<, >, <=, >=, not, null, consp, listp)
(symbolp, stringp, string<, string-lessp, proper-list-p, logand)
(logior, logxor, lognot, car, cdr, car-safe, cdr-safe):
Remove superfluous byte-optimizer property.
(byte-optimize-predicate): Rename to byte-optimize-constant-args.
All uses changed.
parent fb63a64d
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in 58 minutes and 32 seconds
......@@ -795,7 +795,7 @@
(t ;; This can enable some lapcode optimizations.
(list (car form) (nth 2 form) (nth 1 form)))))
(defun byte-optimize-predicate (form)
(defun byte-optimize-constant-args (form)
(let ((ok t)
(rest (cdr form)))
(while (and rest ok)
......@@ -810,9 +810,6 @@
(defun byte-optimize-identity (form)
(if (and (cdr form) (null (cdr (cdr form))))
(nth 1 form)
(byte-compile-warn "identity called with %d arg%s, but requires 1"
(length (cdr form))
(if (= 1 (length (cdr form))) "" "s"))
(defun byte-optimize--constant-symbol-p (expr)
......@@ -847,19 +844,16 @@
(defun byte-optimize-memq (form)
;; (memq foo '(bar)) => (and (eq foo 'bar) '(bar))
(if (/= (length (cdr form)) 2)
(byte-compile-warn "memq called with %d arg%s, but requires 2"
(length (cdr form))
(if (= 1 (length (cdr form))) "" "s"))
(let ((list (nth 2 form)))
(when (and (eq (car-safe list) 'quote)
(if (= (length (cdr form)) 2)
(let ((list (nth 2 form)))
(if (and (eq (car-safe list) 'quote)
(listp (setq list (cadr list)))
(= (length list) 1))
(setq form (byte-optimize-and
`(and ,(byte-optimize-predicate
`(eq ,(nth 1 form) ',(nth 0 list)))
(byte-optimize-predicate form)))
`(and (eq ,(nth 1 form) ',(nth 0 list))
;; Arity errors reported elsewhere.
(defun byte-optimize-concat (form)
"Merge adjacent constant arguments to `concat'."
......@@ -907,31 +901,8 @@
(put 'string= 'byte-optimizer 'byte-optimize-binary-predicate)
(put 'string-equal 'byte-optimizer 'byte-optimize-binary-predicate)
(put '< 'byte-optimizer 'byte-optimize-predicate)
(put '> 'byte-optimizer 'byte-optimize-predicate)
(put '<= 'byte-optimizer 'byte-optimize-predicate)
(put '>= 'byte-optimizer 'byte-optimize-predicate)
(put '1+ 'byte-optimizer 'byte-optimize-1+)
(put '1- 'byte-optimizer 'byte-optimize-1-)
(put 'not 'byte-optimizer 'byte-optimize-predicate)
(put 'null 'byte-optimizer 'byte-optimize-predicate)
(put 'consp 'byte-optimizer 'byte-optimize-predicate)
(put 'listp 'byte-optimizer 'byte-optimize-predicate)
(put 'symbolp 'byte-optimizer 'byte-optimize-predicate)
(put 'stringp 'byte-optimizer 'byte-optimize-predicate)
(put 'string< 'byte-optimizer 'byte-optimize-predicate)
(put 'string-lessp 'byte-optimizer 'byte-optimize-predicate)
(put 'proper-list-p 'byte-optimizer 'byte-optimize-predicate)
(put 'logand 'byte-optimizer 'byte-optimize-predicate)
(put 'logior 'byte-optimizer 'byte-optimize-predicate)
(put 'logxor 'byte-optimizer 'byte-optimize-predicate)
(put 'lognot 'byte-optimizer 'byte-optimize-predicate)
(put 'car 'byte-optimizer 'byte-optimize-predicate)
(put 'cdr 'byte-optimizer 'byte-optimize-predicate)
(put 'car-safe 'byte-optimizer 'byte-optimize-predicate)
(put 'cdr-safe 'byte-optimizer 'byte-optimize-predicate)
(put 'concat 'byte-optimizer 'byte-optimize-concat)
......@@ -962,7 +933,7 @@
((null (cdr (cdr form)))
(nth 1 form))
((byte-optimize-predicate form))))
((byte-optimize-constant-args form))))
(defun byte-optimize-or (form)
;; Throw away nil's, and simplify if less than 2 args.
......@@ -975,7 +946,7 @@
(setq form (copy-sequence form)
rest (setcdr (memq (car rest) form) nil))))
(if (cdr (cdr form))
(byte-optimize-predicate form)
(byte-optimize-constant-args form)
(nth 1 form))))
(defun byte-optimize-cond (form)
......@@ -1122,7 +1093,7 @@
(list 'car (if (zerop (nth 1 form))
(nth 2 form)
(list 'cdr (nth 2 form))))
(byte-optimize-predicate form))
(put 'nthcdr 'byte-optimizer 'byte-optimize-nthcdr)
......@@ -1134,7 +1105,7 @@
(while (>= (setq count (1- count)) 0)
(setq form (list 'cdr form)))
(byte-optimize-predicate form))
;; Fixme: delete-char -> delete-region (byte-coded)
......@@ -2208,7 +2179,7 @@ If FOR-EFFECT is non-nil, the return value is assumed to be of no importance."
(or noninteractive (message "compiling %s...done" x)))
;; Inserted some more than necessary, to speed it up.
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