Commit 3f9e315a authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(shell-mode): Compare the truename with /dev/null.

parent fb145562
......@@ -347,7 +347,7 @@ buffer."
(cond ((string-equal shell "bash") "~/.bash_history")
((string-equal shell "ksh") "~/.sh_history")
(t "~/.history"))))
(if (equal comint-input-ring-file-name "/dev/null")
(if (equal (file-truename comint-input-ring-file-name) "/dev/null")
(setq comint-input-ring-file-name nil))
(setq shell-dirstack-query
(if (string-match "^k?sh$" shell) "pwd" "dirs")))
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