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(Eval During Compile, Compiler Errors):

Replace `...' with `@dots{}' in `@defmac' and `@defspec'.
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......@@ -401,7 +401,7 @@ it does nothing. It always returns @var{function}.
These features permit you to write code to be evaluated during
compilation of a program.
@defspec eval-and-compile body
@defspec eval-and-compile body@dots{}
This form marks @var{body} to be evaluated both when you compile the
containing code and when you run it (whether compiled or not).
......@@ -410,7 +410,7 @@ and referring to that file with @code{require}. That method is
preferable when @var{body} is large.
@end defspec
@defspec eval-when-compile body
@defspec eval-when-compile body@dots{}
This form marks @var{body} to be evaluated at compile time but not when
the compiled program is loaded. The result of evaluation by the
compiler becomes a constant which appears in the compiled program. If
......@@ -470,7 +470,7 @@ The reference to @var{variable} must be in the @var{then-form} of the
@c This is implemented with a defun, but conceptually it is
@c a special form.
@defspec with-no-warnings body...
@defspec with-no-warnings body@dots{}
In execution, this is equivalent to @code{(progn @var{body}...)},
but the compiler does not issue warnings for anything that occurs
inside @var{body}.
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