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Tweak documentation for previous change

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2014-04-20 Daniel Colascione <>
* cl.texi (Declarations): Document changes to `cl-the' and defstruct functions.
2014-04-17 Paul Eggert <>
* (infoclean): Be consistent about reporting failures.
......@@ -2627,10 +2627,10 @@ In this package, @code{cl-locally} is no different from @code{progn}.
@end defmac
@defmac cl-the type form
Type information provided by @code{cl-the} is ignored in this package;
in other words, @code{(cl-the @var{type} @var{form})} is equivalent to
@var{form}. Future byte-compiler optimizations may make use of this
@code{cl-the} returns the value of @code{form}, first checking (if
optimization settings permit) that it is of type @code{type}. Future
byte-compiler optimizations may also make use of this information to
improve runtime efficiency.
For example, @code{mapcar} can map over both lists and arrays. It is
hard for the compiler to expand @code{mapcar} into an in-line loop
......@@ -4255,6 +4255,7 @@ This function returns the underlying data structure for
@code{struct-type}, which is a symbol. It returns @code{vector} or
@code{list}, or @code{nil} if @code{struct-type} is not actually a
@end defun
@defun cl-struct-slot-info struct-type
This function returns a list of slot descriptors for structure
......@@ -4263,6 +4264,7 @@ where @code{name} is the name of the slot and @code{opts} is the list
of slot options given to @code{defstruct}. Dummy entries represent
the slots used for the struct name and that are skipped to implement
@end defun
@defun cl-struct-slot-offset struct-type slot-name
Return the offset of slot @code{slot-name} in @code{struct-type}. The
......@@ -4270,6 +4272,7 @@ returned zero-based slot index is relative to the start of the
structure data type and is adjusted for any structure name and
:initial-offset slots. Signal error if struct @code{struct-type} does
not contain @code{slot-name}.
@end defun
@defun cl-struct-slot-value struct-type slot-name inst
Return the value of slot @code{slot-name} in @code{inst} of
......@@ -4278,6 +4281,7 @@ Return the value of slot @code{slot-name} in @code{inst} of
@code{setf} place. @code{cl-struct-slot-value} uses
@code{cl-struct-slot-offset} internally and can signal the same
@end defun
@defun cl-struct-set-slot-value struct-type slot-name inst value
Set the value of slot @code{slot-name} in @code{inst} of
......@@ -4286,6 +4290,7 @@ Set the value of slot @code{slot-name} in @code{inst} of
which to set the given slot. Return @code{value}.
@code{cl-struct-slot-value} uses @code{cl-struct-set-slot-offset}
internally and can signal the same errors.
@end defun
@node Assertions
@chapter Assertions and Errors
2014-04-20 Daniel Colascione <>
* NEWS: Mention new struct functions.
* NEWS: Mention new struct functions and changes to `cl-the'.
2014-04-17 Daniel Colascione <>
......@@ -90,6 +90,8 @@ active region handling.
** deactivate-mark is now buffer-local.
** cl-the now asserts that its argument is of the given type.
* Lisp Changes in Emacs 24.5
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