Commit 3fb8f8a1 authored by Katsumi Yamaoka's avatar Katsumi Yamaoka

gnus-ems.el: Make process-plist functions work.

parent 5d97d032
2010-09-03 Katsumi Yamaoka <>
* gnus-ems.el (gnus-set-process-plist, gnus-process-plist): Change name
of symbol that holds plist data.
(gnus-process-plist): Remove plist of process after getting it.
2010-09-02 Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen <>
* message.el (message-generate-hashcash): Change default to
......@@ -314,24 +314,31 @@
(defalias 'gnus-process-put 'process-put))
(defun gnus-set-process-plist (process plist)
"Replace the plist of PROCESS with PLIST. Returns PLIST."
(put 'gnus-process-plist process plist))
(put 'gnus-process-plist-internal process plist))
(defun gnus-process-plist (process)
"Return the plist of PROCESS."
;; Remove those of dead processes from `gnus-process-plist'
;; to prevent it from growing.
(let ((plist (symbol-plist 'gnus-process-plist))
(while (setq proc (car plist))
(if (and (processp proc)
(memq (process-status proc) '(open run)))
(setq plist (cddr plist))
(setcar plist (caddr plist))
(setcdr plist (or (cdddr plist) '(nil))))))
(get 'gnus-process-plist process))
;; This form works but can't prevent the plist data from
;; growing infinitely.
;;(get 'gnus-process-plist-internal process)
(let* ((plist (symbol-plist 'gnus-process-plist-internal))
(tem (memq process plist)))
(cadr tem)
;; Remove it from the plist data.
(when tem
(if (eq plist tem)
(setcar plist (caddr plist))
(setcdr plist (or (cdddr plist) '(nil))))
(setcdr (nthcdr (- (length plist) (length tem) 1) plist)
(cddr tem)))))))
(defun gnus-process-get (process propname)
"Return the value of PROCESS' PROPNAME property.
This is the last value stored with `(gnus-process-put PROCESS PROPNAME VALUE)'."
(plist-get (gnus-process-plist process) propname))
(defun gnus-process-put (process propname value)
"Change PROCESS' PROPNAME property to VALUE.
It can be retrieved with `(gnus-process-get PROCESS PROPNAME)'."
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