Commit 3fd80208 authored by Joakim Verona's avatar Joakim Verona

Fix for crash when displaying xwidget in a tty

Xwidgets are now handled the same as images in the tty case,
they are ignored.
parent ac94737e
......@@ -5135,7 +5135,8 @@ handle_single_display_spec (struct it *it, Lisp_Object spec, Lisp_Object object,
#endif /* not HAVE_WINDOW_SYSTEM */
|| (CONSP (value) && EQ (XCAR (value), Qspace))
|| valid_xwidget_spec_p(value)
|| ((it ? FRAME_WINDOW_P (it->f) : frame_window_p)
&& valid_xwidget_spec_p(value))
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