Commit 3fdfceb3 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(read_key_sequence): Change some locals to `int'.

parent 5db0afb7
......@@ -5911,12 +5911,12 @@ read_key_sequence (keybuf, bufsize, prompt, dont_downcase_last,
/* Save the status of key translation before each step,
so that we can restore this after downcasing. */
Lisp_Object prev_fkey_map;
Lisp_Object prev_fkey_start;
Lisp_Object prev_fkey_end;
int prev_fkey_start;
int prev_fkey_end;
Lisp_Object prev_keytran_map;
Lisp_Object prev_keytran_start;
Lisp_Object prev_keytran_end;
int prev_keytran_start;
int prev_keytran_end;
int junk;
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