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#### Makefile for the Emacs Manual and other documentation.
# Where to find the source code. The source code for Emacs's C kernel is
# expected to be in ${srcdir}/src, and the source code for Emacs's
# utility programs is expected to be in ${srcdir}/lib-src. This is
# set by the configure script's `--srcdir' option.
# Tell make where to find source files; this is needed for the makefiles.
# The makeinfo program is part of the Texinfo distribution.
MAKEINFO = makeinfo
INFO_TARGETS = ../info/emacs ../info/cl ../info/forms ../info/vip \
../info/gnus ../info/sc ../info/info ../info/dired-x
DVI_TARGETS = emacs.dvi cl.dvi forms.dvi vip.dvi gnus.dvi sc.dvi dired-x.dvi
INFOSOURCES = info.texi info-stnd.texi
# The following rule does not work with all versions of `make'.
.SUFFIXES: .texi .dvi
texi2dvi $<
TEXI2DVI = texi2dvi
${srcdir}/emacs.texi \
${srcdir}/screen.texi \
${srcdir}/commands.texi \
${srcdir}/entering.texi \
${srcdir}/basic.texi \
${srcdir}/mini.texi \
${srcdir}/m-x.texi \
${srcdir}/help.texi \
${srcdir}/mark.texi \
${srcdir}/killing.texi \
${srcdir}/regs.texi \
${srcdir}/display.texi \
${srcdir}/search.texi \
${srcdir}/fixit.texi \
${srcdir}/files.texi \
${srcdir}/buffers.texi \
${srcdir}/windows.texi \
${srcdir}/frames.texi \
${srcdir}/major.texi \
${srcdir}/indent.texi \
${srcdir}/text.texi \
${srcdir}/programs.texi \
${srcdir}/building.texi \
${srcdir}/abbrevs.texi \
${srcdir}/picture.texi \
${srcdir}/sending.texi \
${srcdir}/rmail.texi \
${srcdir}/dired.texi \
${srcdir}/calendar.texi \
${srcdir}/misc.texi \
${srcdir}/custom.texi \
${srcdir}/trouble.texi \
${srcdir}/cmdargs.texi \
${srcdir}/anti.texi \
${srcdir}/gnu.texi \
${srcdir}/gnu1.texi \
../info/info: ${INFOSOURCES}
$(MAKEINFO) --no-split info.texi
info.dvi: ${INFOSOURCES}
$(TEXI2DVI) ${srcdir}/info.texi
../info/emacs: ${EMACSSOURCES}
$(MAKEINFO) emacs.texi
emacs.dvi: ${EMACSSOURCES}
$(TEXI2DVI) ${srcdir}/emacs.texi
../info/cl: cl.texi
$(MAKEINFO) cl.texi
cl.dvi: cl.texi
$(TEXI2DVI) ${srcdir}/cl.texi
../info/dired-x: dired-x.texi
$(MAKEINFO) dired-x.texi
dired-x.dvi: dired-x.texi
$(TEXI2DVI) ${srcdir}/dired-x.texi
../info/forms: forms.texi
$(MAKEINFO) forms.texi
forms.dvi: forms.texi
$(TEXI2DVI) ${srcdir}/forms.texi
../info/sc: sc.texi
$(MAKEINFO) sc.texi
sc.dvi: sc.texi
$(TEXI2DVI) ${srcdir}/sc.texi
../info/vip: vip.texi
$(MAKEINFO) vip.texi
vip.dvi: vip.texi
$(TEXI2DVI) ${srcdir}/vip.texi
../info/gnus: gnus.texi
$(MAKEINFO) gnus.texi
gnus.dvi: gnus.texi
$(TEXI2DVI) ${srcdir}/gnus.texi
../etc/GNU: gnu1.texi gnu.texi
makeinfo --no-headers -o ../etc/GNU gnu1.texi
rm -f *.log *.cp *.fn *.ky *.pg *.vr core
clean: mostlyclean
rm -f *.dvi
distclean: clean
maintainer-clean: distclean
rm -f *.aux *.cps *.fns *.kys *.pgs *.vrs
# Don't delete these, because they are outside the current directory.
# for file in $(INFO_TARGETS); do rm -f $${file}*; done
# Formerly this directory had texindex.c and getopt.c in it
# and this makefile built them to make texindex.
# That caused trouble because this is run entirely in the source directory.
# Since we expect to get texi2dvi from elsewhere,
# it is ok to expect texindex from elsewhere also.
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