Commit 400aaed2 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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Large file support in MS-Windows `stat' is done.

parent 0b07ad98
......@@ -545,13 +545,6 @@ when the body only calls primitives.
the definition of `file-attributes' and `directory-files-and-attributes'
and from the calls.
** Modify the emulation of `stat' for MS-Windows to support large files.
The current version uses the stock Windows definition of `struct
stat', where the file's size is returned as a 32-bit integer. That
overflows for files larger than 4GB. To fix, modify `stat' to use
64-bit size, and use a declaration of `struct stat' that supports
such sizes.
** Make language-info-alist customizable. Currently a user can customize
only the variable `current-language-environment'.
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